Barack, the angry negro…

On illegal immigration…

“The citizens of the US are fed up with radical Muslims taking advantage of the freedoms of this country by living here, going to school here, working working, etc and then turning on us in order to wage their hate-filled “holy war” (unholy) and murdering people in the name of their god.”

Grady Warren

Grady was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1957 and still resides there. For the last 20 years, he has hosted and produced over 500 television shows and dozens of travel videos for hunting and fishing resorts from Argentina to Oregon. In 1990, Grady kite fished for the first time with the late Captain Bob Lewis, for whom he produced the original kite fishing video for in 1994.

From 1992 to 1997, Grady was an outdoor reporter for CBS and ABC affiliates in Jacksonville.

As Captain, Grady also has competed, placed and won in many kingfish and redfish events. In 2000, Grady founded the Inshore Fishing Association/Redfish Tour for amateur and professional redfishermen from South Carolina to Texas.

Currently, on behalf of the First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, Florida, Grady speaks to hunters and fishermen nationwide on issues facing our respective sports.