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As soon as we arrived at The Venetian here in Las Vegas, we logged on to check our email.  Kim Priestap of Wizbangblog and UpNorth Mommy left a message — “call me”.  I did, and we met in one of the many eateries on the massive hotel complex’ second level.  Among those at a private wine and cheese meet and greet sponsored by Verizon in the Enoteca San Marco restaurant were Melissa Clouthier, Seton Motley (who has left Media Research Center and is now with Less Government.org); Stephen Kruiser, comedian who had just finished taping tonight’s Red Eye (yes, Red Eye is pre-taped and Greg Gutfeld is 5’6,  and the chair closest to the camera is called “the leg chair” for obvious reasons) and will be performing here tomorrow night; Erick Erickson of Red State; Marita Noon of the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy; and Trent Thevenot of The 912 Project Fansite.  There were others, but I either didn’t catch their names, neglected to get a business card, or forgot their names altogether.  It happens.

Tomorrow Barbara Espinosa — my roommate — will have quite a surprise.  Her friend Stacy “The Other McCain” has flown in surreptitiously for the RightOnline conference.  Tomorrow’s agenda is packed — highlights include several breakout sessions. Here’s a sample:

  • Future of the Tea Party
  • Investigative Reporting Skills
  • Supreme Court & Economic Freedom
  • Podcasting – How to Reach a New Audience
  • Old Media, New Media, and the Role of Citizen Journalism
  • Follow the Money – Connecting the Dots
  • Death & Taxes, Killing the Death Tax


VICTORY! Five Democrats voted with Republicans on Wednesday to defund the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law.

Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce and Andrea Shea King

Last night I met Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s “controversial” immigration law. Speaking before a packed room at a Phoenix Restaurant, he said if there was ever a time to worry about your freedoms at risk, this was it. Calling the Obama Administration and Reid/Pelosi congress a “Gangster Government in DC”, he called out the sanctuary cities for being in violation of the federal law.

“Illegal is a crime, not a race”, he said the loud cheers. “States have inherent authority to enforce these laws and are bound by supremacy laws to enforce them.” Pearce noted that Phoenix’ mayor fights every effort to enforce the law.

“This law is ‘controversial’ with who?” he demanded, citing 60% of Hispanics support Arizona’s law. “The other 23 to 30% who don’t are illegals. Lose the Hispanic vote? That’s demeaning to them,” Pearce stated, adding that sending 1200 National Guardsmen to the border is the equivalent of sending a welcome wagon and was demeaning to our soldiers as well.

“It’s Amnesty through the back door,” Pearce said, adding that ICE won’t enforce the law.

Twenty states are following Arizona’s lead, with some 34 states expected to swell the ranks.

“We have to have checks and balances on a corrupt government who will not do what’s right. We are grateful for this legislation. We are the only state in the nation to require proof of citizenship to vote. We’re the envy of the nation,” Pearce concluded to a standing ovation.

Sen. Russell Pearce will be joining us on my radio show in the weeks ahead.

Andrea Shea King and JD Hayworth, candidate for US Senate (AZ)

U.S. Senate candidate JD Hayworth dropped in to talk to supporters.  He too will be joining us on my radio program in the weeks ahead.

Right now, Hayworth is behind Sen. John McAmnesty McCain in the polls.  To read the real deal on McCain, head to Barbara Espinosa’s site, where she’s reporting on the “real” John McCain.

Polling data at Real Clear Politics shows McCain with an average 26.3 point lead over Hayworth.

Check out Arizona’s new flag…

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