If you have little ones, chances are you’ve watched the Disney/Pixar movie CARS, a darling tale of Radiator Springs, the “cutest little town in Carburetor County” on Route 66 in the Arizona desert.  As the story goes, Radiator Springs was passed by and forgotten after a superhighway routed travelers and tourists away from the friendly “folks” who populated the town.

Radiator Springs was once a popular stopover along U.S. Route 66, but with the construction of nearby interstate I-40 that allowed people to bypass the town, Radiator Springs was effectively erased from the map, causing many of the businesses and residents to leave. (Wikipedia)

A friend told me the movie was inspired by Peach Springs, AZ, a nothing little town on the outskirts of Seligman, where townsfolk there have created a miniature version of the movie set.

We stopped by to meet ‘Mater the redneck towtruck, Lighting McQueen the race car, Doc Hudson the judge and sheriff, and all the other car characters who populated “Radiator Springs”.

Here’s what we found…

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