From The Reliable Source at the Washington Post:

Given Mel Gibson‘s recent woes, you’d think that other Oscar-winning directors would be a little more mindful about veering into crazy talk. Or not.

Last weekend Director Oliver Stone got into some hot water over remarks he made during an interview with the Sunday Times of London regarding the Holocaust, Russian deaths during WWII, and the “Jewish denomination of the media.”

He’s sorry, though.

Oliver Stone apologized for making anti-Semitic remarks. (Max Nash/AFP/Getty Images)

From reader DF in NYC:

“In Hollywood, being a leftwing anti-American nut is an asset, but being a public Jew-hater is not.

No sooner did Oliver Stone complain about “Jewish domination of the media” did he understand just how right he was.

Realizing he had just crapped where he ate, Ollie quickly had his flacks pull up the Word document named “apology.generic” and fill in the blanks.

But that missive focus-grouped poorly, and its thin storyline bombed in the Valley, so Ollie hired the always reliable hack, Abe “ADL” Foxman, to punch up his “apology,” then Abe turned around and gave his own rewrite two thumbs up (but we don’t yet know up where).

As the movie moguls are fond of saying, gornisht mit gornisht.

It’s time for you, me and the rest of the little people to let Stone’s showbiz enablers know where their paying customers stand.

Email Showtime at this address, Matthew.Blank@showtime.net and tell them where Oliver Stone (“Stein”) and his new Showtime series can go.

After it gets pulled we can all enjoy Stone’s rant about the Jews’ power to “censor the debate.”