Responding to my post titled Well isn’t this just ducky, I received this from a local merchant who makes her living in Cocoa Village, FL:

I looked with interest at the map “Locations of unauthorized migrants living in US”. The map tells a fraction of the story showing illegal “migrants”.

Minnesota and Wisconsin (and other mid-western states) have HUGE populations of illegal aliens – Somalians.

Several years ago at our shop, a repeat customer came in and was buying items for her new home here. We got into a conversation why she was moving here. I was shocked (why I still remember her story). She and her third generation family all moved out of Minnesota because they were scared of living there and many long time families were leaving the state! I thought “Minnesota?”

She said “In the 1990’s Somalians began migrating to Minnesota (cheap labor). Soon after, illegal Somalians began arriving by the thousands through Canada, and up from Mexico. The Somalians set up hundreds of large compounds housing tens of thousands of illegal Somalians. Even the police won’t go near these compounds.”

I cringed when this customer said many of the Somalis in Minnesota were the extremists waging war against the West (the US) and cheered after 9/11. She added “because the Somalians are black everyone was afraid they’d be labeled racists and the crimes committed by the Somalians are just listed as black”. (Somali crime rate is very, very high.)

Securing the borders isn’t about Mexicans and Hispanics sneaking into the U.S. We need to secure the borders – period.

I’d be stating the obvious if I said we are being overrun by illegals. But more than that, we’re being overrun by the criminals in Washington.