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After posting the video above, I came across an article about Marco Rubio, Florida’s Republican candidate for the US Senate seat currently being held by appointee George Lemieux (he of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s staff, sent in as a seat warmer when Mel Martinez decided to take a hike).

Photo by Will Dickey, The Times Union

I am not particularly enamored of Rubio, as his record on immigration is vague and suspect… and… he’s just a little too “darling” (i.e. slick and packaged) for me to trust him.  Not only that, but the media loves him.  That’s a huge red flag, doncha think? Fox News’ Sean Hannity fawns over Rubio as much as Greta does over McCain (gagging here). Florida’s and national talk show hosts are pushing Rubio BIG time as the guy with a conservative halo.  Me? I’m not convinced.

After talking with a friend about Rubio’s immigration record when he was speaker of the Florida House, I did a little digging and found this at a website called Conservative Times.  I could have written it:

“I keep receiving emails from various conservative email lists advertising that Marco Rubio is a “real conservative” – versus Charlie Crist, “a liberal in disguise.” (If you haven’t been following, Rubio is a white Cuban-American vying with Charlie Crist in the Florida Republican primary for Mel Martinez’s U.S. Senate seat.) What never is discussed in these emails, however, is Rubio’s ambiguous record on immigration.
[ … ]
In 2008, patriotic Florida state legislators proposed over a dozen bills to crack down on illegal immigration, but as Speaker, Rubio stalled them in the House:

“Florida lawmakers looking to pass bills targeted at curbing illegal immigration faced one major hurdle this session—convincing South Florida legislators, who hold key leadership positions in the House and Senate, to support their cause.

“Without the backing of House Speaker Marco Rubio, the first Cuban-American to hold the position, the bills failed to get any major play in their committees. Six weeks into the session, a three-hour workshop was held on the six House bills, but even that failed to produce its desired intent of combining the bills into one larger committee bill.

“‘Speaker Rubio outlined the priorities of the session and this didn’t fall under that list,’ said Rivera, one of Rubio’s lieutenants.”

[Miami-Dade lawmakers stymie immigration bills, by Laura Figueroa, Miami Herald, April 17, 2008]

A comment left at the post by “Brittancus” on 03 Feb 2010 encapsulates what I, my friend, and many others are thinking about the slate of candidates out there… not a lot to be excited about.   See if you don’t agree?

#Will the politicians that we elect ever carry out the interests of the American people? I read today on the AMERICAN PATROL website that President Obama is in a discussion to cap government money such as cutting back on NASA appropriations… Yet we are still spending–BILLIONS–on illegal immigrants who have managed to settle here? If we cannot afford to go back to the moon, how can we afford to pay for illegal immigration?

Obama can find billions to Prop-up States like Sanctuary California to pay for illegal immigrants, but he cannot find the cash to pay for space exploration. How can we allow millions of poor people to continue to cross our borders?

So why are taxpayers forced by pariah lawmakers to pay for education, health care and even now anticipating BILLIONS more dollars to enact a ominous Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

We all know by now, that this is a very crafty way to pass another AMNESTY. These people who have entered this country without permission? Every time a new immigration enforcement is passed, the open border Liberal-Democrats-Republicans use their influence to water the law down.

How many of us know that the controversial border fence is by law supposed to be–TWO SEPARATE–FENCES? Senator Obama voted for it. more than three years ago, but only 35 miles of double-layered fencing is in place and much of the remaining 360 miles of the border fencing is badly constructed–without real barriers.

The Truth is the government is lying to us.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 (Pub.L. 109-367) was enacted October 26, 2006 in the United States. The act allows for over 700 miles (1,100 km) of double-reinforced fence to be built along the border with Mexico across cities and deserts alike, in the U.S. states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in areas that have experienced illegal drug trafficking, human slavery, gun peddling, illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism.

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California who was the originator of the double fence, has not seen this happen, nor the complete wall that is just open areas, with the old barbed wire strands. Underfunded from its inception, the border fence was compromised by the open border organization, that includes American business consortium’s.

As in Washington today, a team of intelligence operatives stated to Speaker Pelosi that a El Queda attack was imminent within the next 6 months. This is the time to enforce our borders with the National Guard fully armed and obviously apparent along the whole 2000 feet length.

The majority of our State economies are broke–with California leading the pack. Arizona lawmakers realizing the main cause of their financial dilemma, the support of illegal workers and their families.

E-Verify is one of the most successful mechanisms to remove illegal workers, but as yet it is not mandatory. It costs nothing to use it and it has been demonized by every pro-illegal immigrant group, along with corrupt politicians and their financial clients in the business consortium’s. E-Verify must be national, with no exclusions.



We cannot afford to subsidize every illegal family member, every Mother with a child who becomes an instant citizen, when 15 million Americans and residents are jobless, when our own people live in poverty. Yes! We always need exceptional highly skilled engineers and scientists, but not the indigent and desperate that we must endlessly financially support. Not semi-skilled labor that will take less wages, than our own people, who themselves will end up in the unemployment benefits line.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senator and Congressman and use the voting power of THE PEOPLE.

Go to NUMBERS USA AND JUDICIAL WATCH for more information about this catastrophe that could overwhelm this country in the coming months.

Latest Immigration news: President cuts border security budget
While telling the American people that national security is a priority in his administration, President Barack Obama submitted a 2011 budget proposal that includes cuts to U.S. border security. — The proposed budget cuts include a reduction in Border Patrol agents and a cut in the amount of money allocated for the so-called “virtual fence” on the U.S.-Mexico border…

And now we see how an activist judge in Arizona has gutted perfectly Constitutional immigration legislation that mirrors that of the federal government. The same law the Feds refuse to enforce. We have lost the Judicial branch. We have lost the Congress. And it’s for damn sure we have lost the executive branch and the press.

Is what radio squawker Mark Levin said on his show yesterday true?  Is our country — as we’ve known it — over???  Is there no recourse, when we are left with the same old, same old to vote for and elect???