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On his TV show today, Glenn Beck took a look at the Tea Party movement, bringing together representatives of the various tea party organizations.

Joining Glenn on the set were Mark Skoda, Nat’l Tea Party Federation;  Jenny Beth Martin of  Tea Party Patriots;  economist Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works;  and Yvonne Donnelly, national chair of 9-12 Project.

Tea Party Express’  Amy Kremer, who is in Alaska working on a political campaign there, joined the discussion by remote  for a brief telephone “appearance”, during which she was placed in the unenviable position of having to defend former TPX Chairman Mark Williams’ recent comments.


Bob Chapman, the International Forecaster:

Housing bubble histories, Now the Fed runs the system, the system has not improved, despite claims, gold a better shelter than T-Bills, how long will nations tolerate US monetization? Seven banks seized, Goldman Sachs Counterparties described and named, Majority of counterparties were foreign entities.

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