On his TV show Friday, Glenn Beck explored the Tea Party movement, bringing together representatives of the various tea party organizations.

Joining Glenn on the set were Mark Skoda, Nat’l Tea Party Federation;  Jenny Beth Martin of  Tea Party Patriots;  economist Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works;  and Yvonne Donnelly, national chair of 9-12 Project.  Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express joined by phone later in the program.

The show opened with Glenn at the chalkboard illustrating a 1970s Leftist map depicting the eight various stages of social movements.  Glenn pointed to  Stage #5 — Perception of Failure — a sense of powerlessness, an identity crisis, saying that is where the Tea Party movement is right now.

Beck compared what’s happening within the movement to the pre-revolution colonies, and 18th century minister George Whitefield’s attempts to bring the 13 colonies together — they didn’t much like each other, were quite independent and separate entities that preferred to stay that way.

Glenn asked “Are we (Tea Party movement) at a crucial point?  Absolutely.”

Glenn said, “It’s not about politics, but some of you have endorsed candidates or gotten rid of others?”

Tea Party Express chairman Amy Kremer joined the discussion from a remote location in Alaska for a brief telephone “appearance”, during which she was placed in the unenviable position of having to defend former TPX Chairman Mark Williams’ recent comments.

Amy Kremer was introduced and asked by Glenn about Mark Williams’ statements about the Muslims, the President, and the NAACP.

“Do you reject those statements and those ideas?” Glenn asked her.

And instead of seizing the opportunity to be a “George Whitefield”, Glenn threw in with them.  So much for Tea Party unity.

Of note: The Tea Party Express is preparing to launch its 4th national tour, unofficially titled Tea Party Express Tour IV – “Liberty at the Bailout Box”.