“Happy VJ Day and special thanks to all veterans of the Pacific Theater. From Richard Sullivan some amazing film shot by his father in Honolulu, August 14, 1945.” — Photo above is a still shot of  the film.  To view the video, head to Iowahawk’s page.

What does VJ Day mean to you?  For me, it means I probably would not be here if we hadn’t won the war.  My Dad fought while serving in the U.S. Navy.

From Resistnet:

V-J Day

Aug. 15, 1945 is the official date of V-J Day, or Victory over Japan Day. V-J Day followed Victory in Europe Day by three months, and with the surrender of Japan who was the last axis power remaining,V-J Day marks the end of World War II.

At noon Japan standard time, Aug. 15, 1945, the Imperial Rescript on Surrender speech by Emperor Hirohito stated Japan’s acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration and was broadcast to the Japanese people via radio. The declaration stated that if Japan did not surrender and agree to the terms, “They would face prompt and utter destruction.” Earlier the same day, the Japanese advised the Allies of their surrender by sending a cable to U.S. President Harry S. Truman. (Note: In U.S. time zones the date was Aug. 14th.) — Jim B

Frank Ross at Big Journalism shows us what VJ Day means to the alleged president.