Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Stump Speech

Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:56 AM

For the use of every Republican candidate for every House and Senate seat and every Governor’s office.

Thank you for having me today.  Let me blunt and to the point because so many of the Democrats are not.

The stimulus failed.  Massive amounts of spending failed.  A mountain of new regulations failed.

President Obama and his team promised that unemployment wouldn’t go above 8% and it is at 9.5% and that number doesn’t reflect the millions of Americans who have simply given up looking for a new job.

President Obama and all the Democrats want the biggest tax increase in history to kick in on January 1.

President Obama and all the Democrats want to add a crushing carbon tax on the economy, and many want higher taxes on many other sectors of the economy.  Obamacare is full of hidden taxes and charges which will slowly strangle the life that is left in the economy.

We have to make a U-Turn, and we have to make that U-Turn on November 2.

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do not care what you think or how you are suffering.

They have a vision, a radical vision, a vision of a remade America in which the government makes all the decisions, takes all the wealth and picks winners and losers.

President Obama decided that the unions would win with GM so he wiped out the folks who had lent the company money and he wiped out thousands of dealers and he gave the UAW 50 billion in aid and he said, ta da, you win.

He has been picking winners and losers since he moved into the White House.

Doctors and patients lost in Obamacare.  Bureaucrats won.  Thousands and thousands of new government employees got new or bigger jobs because of Obamacare.  Senior citizens with Medicare Advantage got screwed.  And Medicare is closer still to utter bankruptcy.

Again and again government wins, and tax payers and ordinary workers and businesses lose.

President Obama doesn’t care what you think on any subject.

He doesn’t care that you have again and again voted that marriage remain between one woman and one man.  he doesn’t care that you aren’t bigots, that you aren’t anti-gay, but that you believe marriage is a cornerstone institution that should not be changed on the whim of a single federal judge in San Francisco.

President Obama thinks you are bigots because you oppose the building of one mosque at one place, Ground Zero, even though you support religious freedom and believe that this nation is open to all faiths and creeds.  President Obama and his friends in the elite media insult you every day by calling you bigots and hate mongers because you honor the dead at Ground Zero, and do not wish to see the hallowed ground exploited by any faith or creed.

President Obama thinks you are a bigot because you want the border secured and people in the country illegally to be penalized.  You want a fence built across the border wherever it is passable, and for this President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid call you bigots.  President Obama has sued an entire state, Arizona, rather than admit his border policies have failed.

This is not the agenda President Obama and the Democrats campaigned on in 2008.  Those promises were thrown out in the first month of the new Administration, as was our historic commitment to Israel, and our policy of a strong defense.  Even now the president is hollowing out the Department of Defense to pay for his absurd giveaways.

There has never been a more clear cut choice.  Between now and November you will be called every name in the book.  You will be insulted by the Manhattan-Beltway media elite for believing in American values, for believing in secure borders, and for honoring the dead of 9/11.

You want taxes to be low and spending lower still.

You want the private sector to grow, not the government.

You want solutions, not assaults on the average American’s sense of fairness and generosity.

You want the courts back in their traditional place and not acting as super judges roving the country and making it over in their own vision.

You especially want government to return to the truth that it works for us and doesn’t command us.

To make the U-Turn you will have to vote from top to bottom against Democrats.  You have to turn them out of office at every level.  You cannot say, “this Democrat is my friend, he or she is moderate, he or she is a blue dog.”

Forgive my bluntness, but that is nonsense.

Every Democrat in the Congress voted for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

Every Democratic candidate for governor is pledged to support the president.

To turn the country around the Democrats have to feel a massive political defeat, a shuddering, shattering “No” at every level, one they cannot deny, and one their friends in the media cannot spin or ignore,

If you believe we urgently need to change direction, that we need a U-Turn, then pick a race and get in the game, with your time and your talent and your dollars.

Thank you.