Me: Garrett’s leaving fox.

Him:That is horrible news.  I really like Major Garrett.  They must have offered him a ton of money to leave that front row seat at the White House. At least he will still be in journalism.”

Me: Don’t you mean that “at least NOW he’ll be in journalism”????

Are you hearing Glenn Beck begging for JUST ONE journalist to investigate and report on what is happening, placing truth above politics?  You think he’s not including the Fox “newsroom” on this???   I have HAD it with Fox.  Methinks Garrett might too.

Her: “That’s really disappointing because he’s so good. But this does offer us the opportunity to link to his stuff directly.”

Me: “And it will be very interesting to see if he’ll rip off the muzzle and writes what he really wants America to know…  we’ll see.  And then we’ll know…  Compare and contrast what he reports then with what he’s been reporting.”

Her: “Not even Fox is covering 8/28 and that is a disgrace…”

Me: “I have a suspicion that Glenn might be making an announcement pretty soon — the Glenn Beck online TV network.  Buh bye, Fox.

Sooner than later…


Breaking: Major Garrett Leaving Fox


by Colby Hall | 11:54 am, August 25th, 2010

Mediaite has learned that Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett is leaving the network effective September 3rd to return to his roots in print journalism. White House correspondents Wendell Goler and Mike Emanuel will assume joint coverage of the WH beat for Fox News.

The highly respected White House reporter weathered numerous battles between FNC and the White House and maintained the highest standard of journalism during his tenure. Developing…

UPDATE: Brian Stelter of the NYT tweets: NYT’s @jwpetersNYT confirms that National Journal is hiring Major Garrett away from Fox News. Apparently Atlantic Media owner David Bradley wasn’t fooling around when he said he wanted to take on Politico. [GM]