The crowd extended all the way up to the Washington Monument which is not reflected in this picture. Glenn will announce professional estimates soon but it was more than the 10's of thousands the media is reporting, of course. It will be closer to 1 million when all is said and done.

Ray Sanchez of Florida’s Volusia 9-12 group (Daytona Beach area) attended Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor event and wrote a thoughtful piece about it.

America will be Restored!

The Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday 8/28/2010 proved to be a defining day in American history.  In my estimation, there were at least a million Americans standing together at the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The message of uniting as Americans and turning to our Creator was punctuated by the formation of the new “Black Robe Brigade”.  Before the American Revolution, preachers in black robes of all faiths toured the colonies risking their lives as they spread the American ideals of individual, inalienable rights which formed the basis of our Declaration of Independence.  Glenn Beck has brought religious leaders of different denominations from all across the country to light a new fire across our great nation restoring that great premise Thomas Jefferson brilliantly penned in 1776.

Glenn Beck, along with Alveda King, hit it out of the park with an appeal to us in getting back to the real message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The 240 religious leaders locked arms on stage standing together committed to restoring honor in America.  The same values preached by the Republican civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr., are the values which will overcome the political divide.  We need to look beyond color and look to content of character.  It is time to resist distractions, and focus on the future of America.

Contrast this message with the message of racial division, envy and bitterness at the “counter-rally” by Rev. Al Sharpton and his union friends.  In his desperation, the pitiful display by Rev. Sharpton, only distorts the true meaning of the Civil Rights movement.  According to Sharpton, MLK’s real message was to insure blacks would acquire equal “stuff” in their homes.  One of his speakers used the term “equal justice” and transformed it into “social justice”.  According to Sharpton and his followers, only his people can lay claim to Martin Luther King’s message.  He missed the mark completely and continues to expose the lies which are echoed by media and political elites.

A big thanks to all of you who kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  A special thanks to Tom Gion and Keith Wilson for providing strength and support all weekend.  I could not have made the trip without them.  Thanks to all those who sacrificed to be there.  The mood was incredible and beyond words.  I have come back with renewed hope and inspiration.  Let’s work hard through the November elections, then work just as hard for years to come.

I continue to look forward this great awakening in America with full faith in God.  All the darkness in the universe cannot cover even a small speck of light.  Our spark will help set our Nation back on the right track.  It’s time, America!

In Liberty,

Ray Sanchez
Volusia 912 Project