Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea Party Express chuggin’ along: From Alaska win to Delaware primary

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From Eric Dondero at the Libertarian Republican:

Fresh off their big win in Alaska, the Tea Party Express is now aiming their sights on tiny Delaware.

From Neal Cavuto’s blog Fox News, this morning:

The Tea Party Express, one of many groups within the Tea Party movement, has launched candidates including Scott Brown and Sharron Angle to national fame, and most recently played a large role in the Alaska Republican primary battle between Joe Miller and Rep Lisa Murkowski, R-Ark. According to the organization, now is O’Donnell’s time.

O’Donnell faces Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., in the Republican primary for Delaware’s Senate seat September 14th. She has trailed him by double digits in all the polls and struggled to compete financially. With two weeks until voters in the First State head to the polls, the Tea Party Express hopes to turn things around.

Note – libertarian Republican activist Stephen Maloney of Pennsylvania is very active with the O’Donnell campaign.


Tea Party Express vows impasse in Delaware
One week after assisting operative a warn in Alaska, a Tea Party Express voiced a six-figure joining Monday to behind Christine O’Donnell as well as her plea to Delaware Rep. Mike Castle for a state’s…

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From the Swing State Project:

Oh please, oh please:

The Tea Party Express, which spent some $600,000 on Alaska Republican Joe Miller’s primary challenge to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), says it’s preparing to do the same on behalf of Christine O’Donnell (R) in Delaware. […]Tea Party Express spokesman Levi Russell said Monday that his organization is already cutting TV and radio ads in Delaware and expects to be on the air by the end of the week. Russell said he hopes to match the support the group offered in GOP primaries in Utah, Nevada and Alaska this year.

“All of our spending is dependent on the enthusiasm of the Tea Party Express members,” Russell said. “It’s up to that race and that candidate to capture their imagination.”

As to whether O’Donnell has done that to this point, Russell admits “not quite yet.” But he expressed confidence that the money will flood in over the coming days.

“I’m sure we’ll be spending six figures in Delaware,” Russell predicted.

After powering Mike Lee, Sharron Angle and Joe Miller to stunning primary victories (or, in Miller’s case, a still-unconfirmed kill), the weight of the Tea Party Express’ independent expenditures cannot be ignored.

Establishment Republicans in Delaware appear to be livid at this news (and O’Donnell’s candidacy in general), with state GOP chair Tom Ross call O’Donnell “a perennial candidate who lacks the standing in Delaware to get elected to anything.” The Politico recently profiled O’Donnell’s long-shot bid, and she had some choice quotes on Castle, describing him as “not a church-friendly candidate” and “the most liberal Republican in the House” who could be toppled in a closed GOP primary. (Less savory was O’Donnell’s campaign manager spouting off about Castle being a “70-year-old bad heart Republican.”)

Meanwhile, the rest of us are hiding quietly behind the washing machine.