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featuring Elizabeth Letchworth of GradeGov.com;  Bill Miller, author of The Tea Party Papers;  Franz Kebreau of the NAACPC; and Jeff Bruzzo of Project Shining City video productions.

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The backstory…

On June 5th, I drove to Deltona, Florida to sing.

Now, I’m not a singer, professionally speaking, although I’ve been told I have a good voice.  Well, that’s debatable, but I’ll take the compliment and move on.

So on that day, I was on my way after having been invited by Lloyd Marcus to participate in an event I’ll always remember for a variety of reasons.

I left my home early that beautiful June day and drove Florida’s back roads to Deltona, traveling along some of the prettiest routes that still display “old” Florida’s natural and graceful beauty.  One memorable area wound along Lake Monroe. The morning sun cast dappled shadows through beautiful old oaks and palms lining the narrow roadway.  Rays streaming through the green canopy  cooled the air. I powered down the windows and breathed deeply.  It was exquisite. In retrospect, I should have stopped to take a photo.  This Google map view, though not as vivid as I remember it, gives you the idea.

I eventually arrived at the recording studio where dozens of others were already there or arriving.  I knew a few of them — Debbie Lee, our Gold Star mom military advocate who had flown in from Arizona was chatting with Kay and Ron Rivoli, the talented husband and wife team who traveled with us last April on the national Tea Party Express tour (belting out “Bailout” and “We’re the Tea Party Express, and we’re rocking to your town…” revving up the crowds at every stop along the way).

An ebullient Lloyd greeted everyone with a warm hug, big smile and enthusiastic shout out:  “Hello Brother!  Hello Sista!”  I felt at home in this large room filled with fellow patriots of all ages, their children scurrying about.

Andrea Shea King and Bill Miller, author "The Tea Party Papers", June 5, 2010, "TEA are the People" recording session, Deltona, FL (Photo by ASK)

Before long, a fellow with a stack of books introduced himself.  Bill Miller had just published his first book (there’ll be more, no doubt.  He has much to say.) “The Tea Party Papers”, and offered me a complimentary copy, autographing it there on the spot.

Andrea Shea King and Franz Kebreau, Recording Session, Deltona, FL June 5, 2010

Jeff Bruzzo, Project Shining City, Deltona Recording Studio, Fl June 5, 2010

I met Jeff Bruzzo of Project Shining City, and Franz Kebreau of the National Association for the Advancement of People of Color (NAACPC).   Several weeks later, I would introduce Jeff to Elizabeth Letchworth (our regular Wednesday night guest who updates us on Capitol Hill/Congressional activity).  Jeff subsequently produced Elizabeth’s GradeGov.com video (which I voiced).

Mary and Lloyd Marcus, June 5, 2010

In due time, Lloyd and his wife Mary herded us toward the microphones where they introduced Debbie Lee and explained why we were all there — to create a musical love letter that would raise funding for Debbie’s America’s Mighty Warriors organization.

Kay Rivoli assists Debbie Lee as she reads her son's final letter home. Marc Alan Lee was the first US Navy SEAL to die in combat in Iraq.

In a quiet moment filled with emotion, Debbie read her son Marc Alan Lee’s final letter home, and thanked everyone for their dedication to the project which provides a respite for the family of our fallen soldiers.

“Ya’ll ready to sing?” he asked. “Ya’ll ready to sing?!!!”  Lloyd asked us.

Back in the control booth, Frank Starchek, Lloyd’s producer and longtime friend, hit the playback button.  For the first time we heard the melody to “Taking Back America!”  It was fast paced, peppy, uplifting. We came in on the downbeat.   “Millions rose”… “We must crushhhhh!”… “Taking back America!”… “From sea to shining sea!”

We rehearsed it to perfection, and recorded several takes.  In our moments of pure joy, we belted it out.  If enthusiastic voices coming together could do it, we were taking back America.


US Congressman Charlie Rangel of New York has opened his mouth about the Ground Zero Mosque, saying some things that were caught on videotape by our friends at Project Shining City.

And more on the games Congress plays with our money and our freedoms. Our Capitol Hill consultant Elizabeth Letchworth, founder and editor of GradeGov.com reports.

Also, Project Shining City’s Bill Miller and NAACPC’s Franz Kebreau will talk about the Restoring Honor event, PSC’s interview with Dr. Alveda King, and their involvement in the next hot political race — Tea Party backed- Christine O’Donnell vs. incumbent RINO Mike Castle and their battle to win Delaware’s seat in the US Senate.