I am listening to Sean Hannity and I’m fuming.  He’s defending Gen. Petraeus’ weak-kneed position on the burning of Korans… and Hannity’s not seeing the bigger picture.  “This Koran burning will put our troops in harm’s way!” he screams.


Ummm, Sean, they already are in harm’s way.  And no matter how fierce the fight, how dangerous the battle, that’s what our military is trained to do.  That’s why they are in “harm’s way”.

Three callers so far.  All three disagree with Sean.  Sean cuts them off, sliding their audio pot down on his switcher to override them, all the time hiding behind Gen. Petraeus’ political statement to make his case.  End of callers. Into a commercial break and then the news.  Back in with Newt Gingrich who’s saying something about another contract…


Sean’s nose is out of joint because callers were telling him that he’s got it wrong.  The Florida pastor is making the case that it is time to stand up to these mangy muslim mongrels who are pushing themselves and their death-worshiping way of life on us.

“Kowtowing to these radicals is going to make it worse,” one caller tries to say as Sean screams over him.

Sean is showing his true colors… an unattractive shade of wimp, tinged with appeasement yellow.  He’s so angry with this caller he can barely talk.  “How dare you accuse me of kowtowing… you obviously don’t listen to this program every day!” he fumes.   The caller manages to say that he does before Sean cuts him off again.

That caller might listen to Sean everyday, but we won’t be from now on.

Here, pussy pussy… lick the hand that feeds ye.