9p ET

With as much as we’re hearing from media giants like Glenn Beck about restoring and returning to the Judeo-Christian values America was founded upon…

You and your pastor are invited to join us  tonight at 9 pm ET for a very special edition of The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW when Jerry Williams, popular Christian singer/songwriter and counselor-to-pastors  joins us.

Jerry has been writing and performing contemporary Christian worship and patriotic songs to audiences around the world with the music group “HARVEST” for the past four decades. He is the founder and former president of Harvest Ministries, established in 1977. Harvest was a forerunner in Contemporary Christian Music and the predecessor of EPIC (Exiles Pardoned In Christ) Ministries.

His songs lift the spirit.  But that’s not the only thing Jerry Williams’ works do for the soul.

Jerry and his wife Donna have always been committed to seeing the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ once again sweeping across America. Jerry pastors to hundreds of other pastors around the country.

You’re invited to join us for a delightful hour with a man who is filled with the grace of God as he shares his story and his music with us.  Invite your pastor, minister, rabbi, or priest to join us too.  The link below will get you there for both the LIVE show and archived downloadable podcast.

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