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Joe Garofoli from the SFGate reports:

Meg Whitman has taken soooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnnnnng to take an actual position on Prop 23 — the measure that would essentially cripple California’s landmark climate change law — that she’s getting some late-inning lobbying from the Tea Party Express — yes, the same crew that just sent $600 K to Alaska for to help an unknown Tea P’er there, Joe Miller, defeat incumbent Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, to win the GOP Senate nod.

You know what they call $600,000 down at Whitman HQ? Enough for a staff lunch. Then again, they’ve never really felt a Tea Party wave crash down on them…will it arrive?

Tea Party Express organizer Joe Wierzbicki just sent an all-points bulletin to his Tea peeps asking them to bombard Whitman HQ with calls and emails. Oh, that’s never pretty.

Here’s what he’s nattering about…

Fellow California Conservatives:

I have an urgent political development that needs your immediate attention.

Many of you know me from my work as Coordinator for the Tea Party Express. However, today I’m writing to you as an individual — a fellow conservative here in the Golden State.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is reportedly on the verge of opposing Proposition 23. This would be terrible news. As you know, Prop 23 would repeal AB 32, The anti-business, job-killing California Global Warming Solution Act, which is based completely on junk science.

Radical environmentalists and socialist liberals are putting the pressure on Republicans to come out and oppose Prop 23. They’ve already got Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on board. Now they are trying to pressure our next prospective Republican Governor, Meg Whitman.

We have to fight back and make sure Meg Whitman’s campaign hears from those of us who want a return to common-sense solutions that strengthen our economy and reduces the burden of government on our families (some estimates put the cost per family of AB 32 at $4,000 for each California family – that’s why we must pass Prop 23 and reduce this big government, leftist Global Warming policy once and for all).

Meg Whitman is supposed to make her decision on whether to support or oppose Prop 23 by Friday, so we have little time to act. Please forward this email to all of your conservative friends and take the following simple steps below:

I am asking you to join me in contacting Meg Whitman’s campaign and delivering this simple message in a polite manner: Please Support Prop 23.

* You can call Whitman campaign advisor, Jeff Randle, at: (916) 448-5802

* And please email the Whitman campaign at: Communications@MegWhitman.com

Well, what are you waiting for?  Conservatives in California need all the help they can get. Peg the needle, put the peddle to the metal and put the pressure on Meg.

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