Steve is a commercial pilot who lives in and flies over Alaska.  He’s also a pretty good photographer.  Earlier this week, our friend Vic from Arizona introduced us by sending me some of Steve’s photos. Since then, I’ve asked Steve if I can post them.  His reply?

I am a commercial pilot. I work and live in Alaska and have been here about 35 years. I have flown all over the state and had many occasions to take pictures.  You can post anything I send.  My political views are pretty simple.  America is headed for the toilet and I intend to ride out the storm in Alaska because Alaska tends to be somewhat independent of the garbage that goes on in the lower 48.  We do have problems. The two main ones are mosquitoes and the federal government; not necessarily in that order.


Included in these photos are views of Mt. McKinley, F-22s, Mt. St. Augustine, Bear at Barrow Alaska Airport, Cordova glacier, Copper River Delta, Cook Inlet.

Enjoy the slide show, compliments of Alaska Steve!

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The tea party group helping to upset the status quo in several races this election year is coming back to Alaska to fulfill a vow to do whatever it takes to beat U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Tea Party Express spokesman Levi Russell said Wednesday that the group plans to be in Alaska in about a week and will unveil a new ad campaign in support of Republican Joe Miller.

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