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You can tell Bill Posey what you think of the job he’s doing by heading to GradeGov.com where you can grade him AND send him a personal note.

Florida’s Bill Posey, R-15, grills Little Timmy TurboTax — “Do you think the recession’s over?”

“Shock a bunch of people and man up!  …I just asked you what time it is and you want to describe a clock…”

Meanwhile, Bawney Fwank accuses Posey of playing “Gotcha” and takes him to task.  Posey doesn’t back down to the toothless slobberer.

Catch the smirk on Geithner’s face after the slobberer gets him off Posey’s hook.

If you’re in Florida’s Congressional District 15, give your support and vote to Posey.  He’s in there swinging.

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