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April Fools!  No, better than that.  It’s the OCTOBER SURPRISE!

In a post-show conversation with my producer Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan this evening, he posited a scenario that spooked us.  We searched to see if anyone else had come up with the same awful idea.  We found there had been.

First, the process of elimination:

The Number One possibility — the only other thing that would outdo the horror scenario we’ve come up with, and push the Tea Party movement to the sidelines — would be if the economy miraculously turned around overnight, a week or so before the election. Everyone back at work, GM  and the banking industry back in the hands of private enterprise, everyone happy.

We know that is not going to happen.

But here’s what could:  Capturing and/or killing bin Laden.

Nabbing bin Laden would give Obama the victory he needs to recapture his momentum, destroy the Tea Party movement and give him the coattails he needs for his downticket members to get a hold of and reduce the carnage heading straight for them this November.

It’s beautiful, with the added benefit of discrediting GW Bush, Dick Cheney, the Republicans and the tea party candidates all at the same time. Think.  Is there anything else you could come up with that would so be so politically effective?

A president who dithered over the surge in Afghanistan is not above pulling something like this — putting more of our uniformed boys and girls in body bags and sending them home to mom and dad — for political gain.

Bob Woodward says as much in his book “Obama’s Wars”.

Editors are probably planning the Page One coverage in newsrooms across the country. Just as they did when they had Oswald pinned and published in newspapers across the world before JFK’s body had even made it back to Washington.

The thing to watch is Pakistan — what’s happening over there.  Today’s news about the bombing of the fuel tankers to interrupt a vital supply route for NATO forces foreshadows it.  Watch for a dust up to make it seem that Obama has taken charge of a situation spiraling out of control.  And under his leadership, we capture Bin laden.

The folks at the NYT and Washington post are already writing this story — if they haven’t already got it stored in their computers, just waiting to hit “publish”.

Look for this “Breaking News” to hit on the Thursday or Friday before the Nov. 2 election.

This isn’t an April Fools joke, folks.  It’s a Halloween horror.  Of unimaginable proportions.  A scenario like this would make even Freddie Kruger cringe.

There’s going to be an October surprise… and just like Christmas morning, there will be presents under the tree.  You just don’t know what’s in them.  Bin Laden with a couple of bullets in his head would be the ultimate bow-wrapped package under Obama’s tree, wouldn’t it?

We could be wrong, but we’re predicting it will happen.  But there is a way we can head this off and use it against them.

Bloggers and radio talkers everywhere have to also predict that they’ll attempt it.

Pre-empt them.  Knock the wind out of their sails. Mock them. Let Obama et al  know we’re on to their election takeover plan.

Make a huge deal of this. Start harping on it now.

“Obama announces ‘Bin Laden captured!  October surprise!‘”