A wonderful rally AND family reunion, as my son Gary and his wife Tami and grandchildren Tyler, Madison, and little Cole joined me at the outdoor rally at Liberty Park.  When it came time for me to take the “stage”, 7th grader Tyler and 4th grader Madison joined me.  I spoke about how important it is for us grandparents and parents to teach our young about our country’s history and those who have given so much to ensure our liberty.

At the conclusion of my remarks, I asked both Tyler and Madison if they had anything they wanted to add.  Madison did.  Taking the mic, and with more poise than one might expect from a little girl with no public speaking experience, she said clearly and simply “I’d like to thank everyone who has died to keep us free.”

A non-sequitor.  We left the stage to a hail of applause.

In these photos you’ll see me with my family who make their home in Connecticut.

And of course, many other folks who were at the event on this crisp, cold, and beautiful New England fall day.

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