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Kevin at Hillbuzz is reminding readers that they have until midnight tonight to send their Birthday greetings to Mrs. Reagan on the occasion of President Reagan’s 100th Birthday observance.

Radio host and political writer Andrea Shea King came up with a great idea:  to wish Nancy Reagan a “We Appreciate You!” and “Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan” message and tell her how much she is missed on the national scene, particularly in her role as First Lady.

Mrs. Reagan is going to be celebrating what would be President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday on February 6th.

Andrea Shea King has organized something special for Mrs. Reagan, to let her know how much Americans still love her.

Please participate in this effort and send Mrs. Reagan a kind message through Andrea atRadiopatriot@gmail.com

You have until 9pm EST to do this, so that Andrea can get all of these emails together into something special to give to Mrs. Reagan.

It’s a huge personal project Andrea is working on, and she wants to be FLOODED with responses.

While we’re thinking about Mrs. Reagan today (who will be 90 this year), please chime in with any favorite memories of her…and perhaps some ideas for future Class vs. Crass episodes contrasting her tenure as First Lady with the antics of Michelle Antoinette Obama.

Email for Thank You/Birthday Greeting:  Radiopatriot@gmail.com

Photoshop credit Hillbuzz.org

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