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Friends – we have exciting news to report.

The Tea Party Express is pleased to announce we are adding an additional 2 more U.S. Senators to our 2012 Election Target List.

The first is liberal Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who is one of the leading proponents of the awful “Fairness Doctrine” that liberals are using in an attempt to silence conservative voices on talk radio and cable television.  Stabenow’s husband until May was Vice President of the ultra-leftist Air America radio.

Above: Debbie Stabenow Promoting Obama’s “Change”

Please, help us in our campaign to Defeat Democrat Debbie Stabenow – CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE.

And if you want to see another RINO Republican targeted for defeat, don’t you worry, because we are announcing today that we will be making the Defeat Olympia Snowe campaign one of our top targets for the 2012 elections as well!

Olympia Snowe supported ObamaCare.  She supported the massive, failed Stimulus plan.  She joined with Democrats in attempts to repeal the tax cuts.  And she supported the nominations of liberal activist judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotamayer to the Supreme Court.

As tea party activists we have a responsibility to support fiscally responsible, constitutional conservatives – and Olympia Snowe is about as far as one can get from that.  She might be a very pleasant person in the Senate.  She might be a very nice neighbor to have.

But what is not nice is to spend untold billions of dollars of other people’s money.  It is not nice to regularly support the stripping of liberties from the American people.  It is not nice to flout the Constitution.  Olympia Snowe doesn’t respect the responsibility of her job to serve the American people – she instead serves the liberal interests of the news media and Washington, D.C. political establishment.  It’s time for her to be voted out of office once and for all!

Tea Party Express has also targeted Sen. Ben “Cornhusker Kickback” Nelson of Nebraska and Senator Dick Lugar (R-Indiana) for defeat.

Ben Nelson