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Last month I invited everyone to submit their sentiments to former First Lady Nancy Reagan on the occasion of President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. So many of you responded, we printed 45 pages which were placed in a presentation folder.  I sent it to Burt Boyar, longtime friend and biographer of the late Sammy Davis Jr. and close friend of Mrs. Reagan’s, who delivered the package to America’s favorite First Lady this afternoon.

The package contained heartfelt messages, essays, and photographs from Americans all over the country.

When Burt brought them to Mrs. Reagan, she exclaimed,  “My goodness, there are so many of them!”

Burt assured her, “There are a lot of people out there that love you.”  He said judging by the tone of her voice, she was deeply moved by all of you “lovely” people.  I’m sure we’ll hear more from her after she’s had time to read them all.

So let me take this moment to thank all who participated in this gesture of affection for Nancy Reagan, definitely one of the classiest and most elegant First Ladies to have ever graced the people’s White House.

Here’s Burt when he was palling around with Sammy. Seen in the photo is his late wife Jane Boyar.  At the time the photo was taken, Burt was goofing around to cheer Sammy who was in the dumps  — and holding the camera. To learn more about Burt and his friendship with Sammy Davis Jr., read my profile piece at Big Hollywood.

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