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A disabled Vet puts Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center on the spot.  Will the media watchdog group respond? And if they do, what will they say?

To: David Martin, Executive VP, Media Research Center

Dear David,

I am a 20-year military service disabled vet & I am writing you for hopefully an explanation of how incredibly silent the Media Research Center is on voicing their collective opinion about President Obama’s eligibility dilemma publicly & to the media in general. Your quiet stance on this issue is deafening. I had some communication a few weeks ago from one of your underlings….but his opinion was that the MRC has done EXTENSIVE research into this affair……and you find nothing out of place…it’s a non-story as far as MRC is concerned.

Here’s the problem with why this CAN’T be your position:

I have been fighting this fight for two years now with ALOT of very special American patriots by my side that I have met along the way……having the recently imprisoned Army Flight Surgeon, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin be dragged off to Leavenworth at Christmas was, for me, the final straw. Being a very close friend….he called me right before he was taken away & him (my hero) telling me (I’m HIS hero!!) was one of the most special things anyone has ever said to me. SOMEDAY!! Lt. Col. Terry Lakin will be shown in the history books to be the HERO he is….not the number 89996 he is at Leavenworth!

But I digress…sorry…….the MRC is such a powerful force right now…..and your “successes” at showing the liberal media for what they are are admirable, to say the least. But we in the birther movement (that’s 60% of America, may I remind you) gave so much hope that the MRC would “support” our cause to get Mr. Obama to authorize the disclosure of his REAL and VERIFIABLE LONG FORM Birth Certificate…..but to this day…..as I said, your silence on this issue is not only deafening, but honestly just as scary as the hiding of this pathetic $20 piece of paper! I think it’s wonderful that you are trying to shake the Hill up and get things back to some sort of normalcy…..but My God, David…..DO YOU HONESTLY FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THIS SITUATION BEING UNRESOLVED? EVEN THE LIBERAL MEDIA IS SAYING IN HUSHED TONES….”GEE, MR. OBAMA…SHOWING US YOUR LONG FORM WOULD SURE BE SWEET SO WE CAN GET THESE CRAZY BIRTHERS OFF OUR BACK!!”

So……I do not wish to demean who you are …or what you have done so far…..but SOMEONE !! SOMEONE!! in that insane town needs to stand up to the media and The President…and with all the diplomacy you can muster…..ask the President what is CRITICAL to get on with any sense of normalcy and decency on this topic……..are we being led like lambs to slaughter by a usurper?

The MRC executives need to call a press conference….invite tons of media & ask this simple question….“Mr. Obama, we are being deluged by our MRC constituents who still believe there is something amiss when you won’t authorize the State of Hawaii from releasing your long form birth certificate…..the Certification of Live Birth posted on the internet is not sufficient to quell the concern……if there is nothing on the long form that you are worried about ………..WILL YOU AUTHORIZE THE STATE OF HAWAII TO RELEASE THE LONG FORM TO THE PUBLIC SO THIS WHOLE CONTROVERSY CAN BE RESOLVED”?

It is a simple question…..it is a simple request…..and if it gets up the President’s nose that some “upstart” group of MRC pain-in-the-necks had the AUDACITY to question his eligibility…remind the President a) he works for his American constituents and b) Mr. Obama might be a perfect example of a Hawaiian baby and all this birther hoopla might be a bunch of malarkey…………but I and my band of brothers will NOT…will NOT…take the word of that imbecile, Robert Gibbs, who mocks anyone in the press when they bring it up……and we will NOT…will NOT…take the word of some website that purports to have THE truth about his birth by showing us a copy of a Certification of Live Birth…..(I will digress for a moment…..do you realize that Obama’s sister who admits she was born in Indonesia……guess who has a Certification of Live Birth from Hawaii….that’s right….HER!! Don’t believe me….check it out for yourself.)

Here is why it’s not enough to fight him on just the issues that the MRC tend to concentrate on….I asked Terry when I first emailed him WHY in God’s name he was doing this…and his response was so simple…I had to sit down…..”Because the Constitution is more important than me”. I never questioned his cause after that.

So….David…how important are the requirements of the Presidency in the Constitution to the MRC?

If Obama IS ever asked that question above….and the world waits with held breath for his answer….and he comes back with…”No…..I won’t show you my long form”….then I GUARANTEE that he will lose the 2012 election. Then it’s from HIS MOUTH that he does not want the American people to see what should have been vetted back in 2008…..and I doubt VERY seriously he will be given a chance to get us again. Why do you think 12+ states are trying to enact legislation that ALL candidates must show their long form to be eligible in 2012? Because they have nothing else to do?

Further…then I’ll leave you…….what a HERO!!!!!!! The MRC would be to just about every American who can’t stand Obama….that it was YOU who had the “backbone” to stand up to him and ask THAT all-important question……you don’t think you will get 10 zillion brownie points for doing that????? And apparently brownie points are the life-blood of DC politics….no?

Just to show you I’m not alone with these thoughts….as I was writing this….my very good friend, Lt. Col. Lakin’s spokeswoman, Margaret “Ducky” Hemenway,  just wrote me about this…….and here’s her email (hot off the presses)

Gordon- no more “beat Obama on the issues”- after ObamaCare, stimulus, financial regulation- Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal and START- my short response is “You Gotta Be Kidding Me!!” and “COP-OUT!”

They’ve LOST on ALL the issues so far- Harry Reid controls the Senate- Obama has the veto pen- my question for them- so is the Republican Establishment & The Tea Party going to give Obama a clear path to a 2nd term?  They are NOT going to challenge his lack of any proof he’s legally serving?  And what was that little exercise about reading the Constitution on the floor of the House- a bone to toss to the Tea Parties?  We’re NOT biting.  The Constitution and the rule of law IS an issue- because the fish rots at the head- and if they are going to ignore the sucking chest wound, the body whole cannot survive. Please contact the Tea Party & MRC, Gordon……..this can’t stand them playing the ostrich!!

There you go, David…….from the mouths of babes.

God bless you and thanks for your ear…………can I ask you a huge favor…..please reply to this…..I would REALLY like you to tell me personally why MRC wouldn’t ask that question. As I said, I am a disabled vet, and that doesn’t give me any special treatment….but I will tell you this….I didn’t get spit on at the San Francisco airport back in the 70’s to have someone in that Oval Office who is the “Commander in Chief” not be legal for my present brothers in the military……………with or without you…it’s NOT going to happen.

Thank you.


Gordon Smith


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