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Oil is up to $95 a barrel.  Gold is at $1405.  It’s “Presidents” Day.  No name in particular, just “presidents” day.  Unlike, say… Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


And the world is on fire.  Moammar Kaddafi — aka “the evil Scar” (from The Lion King) — has fled for his life.

Wisconsin is under siege by every leftist, socialist organization, and more purple people eaters on the way.  The Badger State is the Battle of Lexington-Concord of our day. The shot heard round the world.  Stand firm, good Governor Walker.  Stand firm.

Glenn Beck said he’d been wanting to talk with Rev. Billy Graham for some time. So on Saturday, they met for three hours at Graham’s mountaintop home in North Carolina.

“And today I’ll share some of the things they talked about. What an amazing thing that was to go to his house in NC at the top of the mountain and walk around the grounds of his home with his son, talk to him, and go to his office and sit with Rev Graham.  What a gracious, gracious man.”

Glenn tweeted after the meeting, and was shocked at the amount of hatred that came back on the tweets for Billy Graham.  Glenn said his wife explained it:  “They hate Jesus.”

“I will share some of my visit with Billy Graham on radio Monday. Side note: I expect tweet hate for me, I cannot understand BG hatred. Sad.”

“Just spent 3 amazing hours with Billy Graham at his mountain top home in SC. His son Franklin joined my wife and me for a talk and prayer.”

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