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NOTE:  This was written by Kristinn Taylor with some assistance by yours truly.  It originally appeared at Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit.

Susan “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the terrorist support group Code Pink, vigorously defended the Muslim Brotherhood from Congressional critics, saying in an interview that she was “appalled” by opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Egypt. Benjamin also voiced her outrage at critics of the Muslim Brotherhood in a series of comments on Twitter posted from a House committee hearing she attended.

The Muslim Brotherhood is considered by experts to be the father of Islamic terrorism with the goal of establishing global Islamic domination through the imposition of sharia.

Code Pink, which markets itself as a feminist “peace and social justice movement,” has worked since its inception in late 2002 with Islamic radicals and terrorists in a queer alliance against America, Israel and the West.

As Big Government reported one year ago, Code Pink advertised on the English language version of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Web site seeking the help of jihadists to “join us in cleansing our country!” by kidnapping former President and Mrs. George W. Bush and leading members of his administration. (Code Pink has since backed off its call for kidnapping Bush, et al.*)

The Muslim Brotherhood has also published Code Pink propaganda statements on its Web site.

Benjamin attended a hearing held on February 10 of the House Foreign Affairs Committee chaired by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).

An agitated Benjamin fired off several Tweets from the hearing room as Ros-Lehtinen, Rep. Gary Ackerman (D_NY) and others sharply criticized the Muslim Brotherhood. Benjamin took exception to witness Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg’s characterization of the Muslim Brotherhood as “extremist,” but she blew a gasket when Ackerman likened the Muslim Brotherhood to the late sex murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“In congressional hearing on #Egypt/region. #Ros-Lethinan not even acknowledging #mubarak is toast. Focusing on boogeyman #muslim brotherhood”

“Dep. Sec. James Steinberg testifying. Asked how US will stop #muslim brotherhood. “We must make sure process is not hijacked by extremists.””

“I suppose #mubarak was not an extremist. “We have to flag potentially dangerous trends,”says Steinberg. Mubarak was not “flagged.””

“#Cong Ackerman wants #egyptian constituion to outlaw religious state, but is great supporter of Jewish Israeli state.”

“Cong #Ackerman harping on #muslim brotherhood. Says they’re a virus. Then calls them Jeffrey Dohmer. Says they will destroy Egyptian govt”

“#muslim brotherhood is #jeffrey dohmer, says cong ackerman!!!”

“can’t believe #ackerman likened #muslim brotherhood to serial killer and sex offender #jeffrey dahmer!!!”

In an interview with the left-wing Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) published February 22nd, Benjamin reiterated her outrage at U.S. critics of the Muslim Brotherhood (h/t Matthew Vadum.)

“…I know that there are people in government and particularly in Congress who want the United States to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining a significant role in the new (Egyptian) government. I was in the congressional hearings last week and I was appalled to hear congresspeople grilling the administration about their plans to make sure the Muslim Brotherhood does not come to power…” (Bold added.)

Code Pink led a two-year effort to subvert the Mubarak government through the group’s campaign on the ground in Cairo to undermine the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza while at the same time acting as a messenger between Hamas and President Barack Obama. Benjamin said in a February interview with Grit TV that many of the same Egyptian groups that worked with Code Pink to aid Hamas were the leaders of the successful effort to overthrow Mubarak.

“We have been going to Egypt to get into Gaza several times. And on one occasion a little over a year ago we had 1300 people who were trying to go to Gaza with us called the Gaza Freedom March. And we were joined by many Egyptians who then lo and behold were among the people who were the organizers of this. Groups like the April 6 Movement, people who are part of the journalist groups, the lawyers groups, the, some of the, a group called Kifaya, which means ‘enough.’>

“So we had interacted with many of these people before. And in fact it was in that square (Tahrir Square) that we had been beaten up by the police just over a year ago. And I had a feeling Laura going back and forth to Egypt that this was going to explode…”

Also in the Grit interview, Benjamin cheered the growing acceptance by Egyptians of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“…I have faith in so many of the secular people who just came to (Tahrir) Square and said, “I’m not leaving here,” and for the first time made relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood people…”

In the interview with IPS, Benjamin said Code Pink plans to continue opposing U.S. national interests by fomenting unrest in North Africa and the Middle East.

“We will continue to build our contacts in the region, including taking new delegations to Egypt and organizing a group to monitor the upcoming elections. We plan to strengthen our connections in other countries, such as Yemen, Bahrain, and Algeria. And we will be taking our cues from leaders of these democracy movements.

“We will also play close attention to the policies of our government, particularly the ways that Congress will be trying to stop democracy movements in the Arab world. There are Republicans and Democrats who are more concerned about their misguided notions of U.S. national interest and the interest of Israel than they are about the interest of the people themselves in the Arab world. So I think stopping the meddling of our government will be an important focus.

Benjamin’s concept of democracy is alien to that of the average American. Benjamin and Code Pink over the years have worked with America-hating dictators including Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez.

Code Pink also works with the Obama administration and other leading Democrats. Co-founder Jodie Evans was a top donor and fundraiser for Obama’s presidential campaign and has maintained ties to the Obama administration including meeting Obama and visiting the White House.

*Jodie Evans recently posted this clarification to the Code Pink “Arrest the war criminals!” page.

“Note: Do NOT actually place the handcuffs on the war criminal’s wrist or touch the criminal. Making physical contact with a war criminal may be construed as assault by the police; handcuffs are only for use as a prop. Only an on-duty police officer has the right to actually cuff the War Criminal in a citizen’s arrest. Your arrest complaint is your power.”

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