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UPDATE:  As soon I sent this post out to everyone on my email list, I got this reply that turned my stomach:

What if the oil in our ground is collateral for the money China and others have loaned us and we can’t extract it?

So, are you spending more time at home with your car parked?  I know I am.

It’s all deliberate.  Obama’s the guy whose being instructed to do this – Dept of Interior will NOT obey the courts and lift moratorium. Where the hell’s congress????

Are they complicit too? They must be. Otherwise they’d be figuring out a way to handcuff this SOB and calling out the troops to round up the rest of his commie cronies.

It’s brewing, baby.  It’s brewing….

The answer isn’t tapping into our oil reserves!  There’s no need to do that if we begin drilling now.  Tapping into our reserves is exactly what the Admininstration wants — we use up our reserves, and then what?  We’re f’d.


Where is the balance of power among the three branches of government?

The executive branch is completely ignoring the mandates of the courts and the will of the people.  So who provides the counterbalance to this madness?

We all know that these high prices are going to kill us economically.  Food, clothing, everything is going to be so costly it will cripple us.

Obama/Soros know this.  It’s why they’re doing it.  Collapse America. My gawd, is there NO ONE who will put a stop to this and sign the contracts with the oil companies to drill.  Drill everywhere.  Coast, interior, Alaska.  Every freaking where.

WHERE IS CONGRESS??? And what’s their excuse for sitting on their hands???

If we go to the strategic reserves, a finite amount of oil, to temporarily relieve the situation, then what when the reserves are gone? Folks we’re f’d.

See how much gas prices are in your area by clicking the image below.

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