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Just watched a “debate” on Fox News Megyn Kelly’s program between two men sharing the same name “Chris” and “Chistopher”. One is a radio show host, the other a defender of the unionistas.  In an earlier segment, she interviewed Jesse Jackson (Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft has video) who was being his usual “looking out for the poverty” self. Honestly, the man reminds me of my brother-in-law’s one eyed Pekinese dog whose nasally vocal sounds emanate from his pushed-in pug nose.

As I’m watching all this unfold, it is clear that Americans are split — the socialists have dumbed down at least a couple of generations to the point that they haven’t the ability to think straight let alone critically or analytically. And these people are truly being used as tools to give their masters the power they crave, like junkies strung out on heroin.

We are in the throes of a revolution, no doubt about it.  The chickens are coming home to roost.  Our years of relative peace, prosperity and complacency are over, and what’s left hanging in the balance is our liberty — or put another way, our future as a nation.

There are factions that are clawing to take it down, destroy it, annihilate it.  We’ve elected a destroyer to the White House, we’ve let the wolves in the door.  And we’re seeing the carnage that’s resulting.

Rabid animals are prowling inside the Wisconsin State Capitol.  A perfect metaphor for what’s happening in our nation’s capitol, for what’s about to happen in state legislatures across the country.

The union thugs are geared up and they’re playing for keeps.  They’ve locked arms with the race mongers who’ve been among us since the inception of LBJ’s “Great Society”. They’ve locked arms with the socialist Left in Hollywood who think they know better than anyone else because we pay to see them on the tube or the silver screen.  They’ve locked arms with the lunatic Islamists who have vowed to destroy us and implement their own caliphate. They’ve locked arms with the global warming parasites.  They’ve locked arms with our enemies.  They ARE the enemy.

We are under siege.  This is war, like it or not.  We’re seeing our country cleaved in two.  We’re seeing those with the guts to stand up to these enemies of freedom facing winds of hurricane force.  Scott Walker, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Peter King, Chris Christie, to name a few. Are their feet planted on The Rock?  Only if they are will they be able to withstand the blasts that can topple those planted in the sand.

Will the righteous survive?  Will we vanquish the evil forces building around us?

Rush Limbaugh warned that what Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey are doing had better be an inspiration to other states. As Rush observed, the pressure on the righteous is beyond imagination.

We are just seeing the beginning of this.  Rush says this is just the warm-up.  Are we ready for it?  Are you?

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