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My congressional representative is Bill Posey.  Yes, THAT Bill Posey, the only member of Congress who during last year’s 111th Congress filed a bill to require presidential candidates to present documentation that proves eligibility under our Constitution. For that, he took a mountain of crap from the left, and will forever be tagged with their pejorative appellation:  Birther.

No big deal for Bill.  He won’t be dissuaded. He’s filing another one later this session that will lock it up even tighter.  He ain’t in it to be liked by the media or the donkelberrys in Congress.  He’s there to represent us — the citizens of Florida’s 15th District.

Now in yesterday’s Continuing Resolution vote, Posey was NOT among the 54 who broke with the GOP leadership and voted AGAINST it.  Bill voted FOR it. Well, one of his constituents wrote to relate his, ummmm, displeasure at Bill’s YEA vote:

Just wanted to voice my opinion doubt you really care since now I see you no more than a rhino just like former Gov Charlie Crist. Your vote was very very important but you chose the wrong side. I don’t know what Obama has over you guys but it must be alot.

I’m very upset that over the years that I always voted for thinking you really care , but instead I’ve got nothing more than the good old boys way of doing business. If I ran my business like the way you guys and gals do in DC I would be ran out of town.

I pray that the next vote in 3 weeks you redeem yourself  and put us hard working businesses first instead of the free loaders who sucking off of me and my employees. Just remember us hard working TEA PARTY folks are not going away!!!!!!!!

No form letter from Bill, here’s Posey’s response:

Thank you for taking the time to write. I do care what you think.

wondering what source of information has led you to determine I am a rino?

Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, Corinne Brown and Alycee Hastings, etc voted against the CR. Does that make them conservative?

After two years of being on the losing side of every vote, It has been good to be in the majority for the past 70 days and it was a pleasure for me to help cut another $6 Billion in spending with such relative ease.

As I recall, only 2 Republicans voted against the first CR that cut $4 Billion. Are the 240 Republicans who voted for that rinos too?

The vote difference among Republicans was a mater of strategies – period. We all want to go to the same place and at the end of the day will be standing in the same place. Personally ask ANY of them.

I regret you have been led to believe otherwise.


As posted below, we will be taking an insider’s look at the machinations and moving parts that went into yesterday’s vote, and what we can expect from Capitol Hill in the days and months ahead.  Elizabeth Letchworth, a 26-year veteran of the Senate as its elected Secretary, knows the games and how they’re played.  She knows that in order to proceed from Political Point A, you sometimes have to go to B and C, and sometimes D first.

Join us and get the inside take.

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