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Her first international speech – India Today Conclave in New Delhi. Palin reiterated that she has not yet decided if she will run.  Her theme song?  My Way.

“I don’t think that there needs to be a rush still to get out there as a declared candidate,” she said.

When asked about the greatest lessons she learned from 2008, Palin did not mention the friction between McCain’s camp and hers. Instead she said the experience informed her public relations strategy.

“One thing I learned is that you cannot trust the mainstream media to accurately report on [your record and accomplishments],” she said. “You have to have the boldness, the courage to set the record straight yourself.”

She even accused Republicans of not defending their records vigorously enough.

“Too often, Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep sometimes,” she said. When it comes to correcting the record, “I will put my foot down.”

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