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From the wags at Free Republic who are following this Commander in Idiot on the live thread:

“I have a spoon handy in case I have a seizure, but I am gonna watch this one. Last night “Exodus” was on. Tonight, it’s “Jason and the Argonauts”. So I can survive this.” – MestaMachine


“…..and here we go…..! A little somethin’ to get us in the mood! Posted by Hillbuzz, originally from Iowahawk

A little song…


Ohhhhhh! Overseas-contingencies-kinetic-aliocious I must admit the messaging is really quite atrocious But if you say it soft enough, you’ll always sound precocious, Overseascontingencieskineticaliocious!

Um-diddle-diddle-um-diddleye Um-diddle-diddle-um-diddleye

In olden days they called this thing a stale three-letter word But in this new millenium I find that quite absurd. My unabridge-ed thesaurus is dog-eared through and through, One syllable seems pitiful when thirteen more will do!

Ohhhhhhh! Overseascontingencieskineticaliocious, When you put it in that way it won’t seem so ferocious. Gargle first with Listerine in case of halitosis, Overseascontingencieskineticaliocious!

Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dee Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dum

Unlike Bush adventurism, there’s no “war” to fear It’s um… it’s er… it’s uh… it’s mmm… let me be crystal clear In days not weeks we cease it all, for “peace,” or as you know, Suoicilacitenikeicnegnitnocsaesrevo.

Ohhhhhh! Overseascontingencieskineticaliocious A neologic tailor-made for media hypnosis If you hear it long enough you’ll drink until cirrhosis, Overseascontingencieskineticaliocious!*” – Girlene


“Update” the American people?

Talk about chutpah from the get-go

This guy is an Empty Suit


“Swift steps..”

Pull my other finger…”


Gadaffi turned bad sometime after February I guess.Obama Asked For Foreign Aid Increase For Gadaffi A Month Before Bombing Him  



My Mom turned on the TV not realizing he was on and yelled “Oh will you shut the F up already” LOL LOL

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