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“The Donald” has volleyed yet another cannonball at Obama, intimating that his mysterious background could include (gasp!) The Muslim word!

A few days ago, while my show producer Dave and I were considering why Trump has come out with all these questions about Obama’s nativity, we came up with a theory that I’ll share with you. But keep in mind, it’s just a theory, a hunch:

Could be the Democratic Party leaders (including Hill/Bill) have approached Trump with an offer?  Who knows what that could be – use your imagination.  A position in Commerce?  Or a greased skid for his business?  Trump is a dealmaker. What’s valuable to him?

Also, Trump is enough of an American to see what’s happening to our country, knows that Obama and his Socialist crowd — and ultimately the Chinese — are toxic to the USA (and his businesses) and is happy to step into the spotlight to get the job done that Hillary couldn’t: opening up the subject on many Americans’ minds:  Just who is Obama?  What about his past and all it includes is The Won trying to hide?

It’s not a stretch to imagine that Hillary knows about Obama’s “secret” past, but was so compromised with her own crap that the Obama handlers had on her that she couldn’t bring it out in the campaign.

She knew better than anyone that Obama and Co. would destroy her with what they know about her’s and Bill’s numerous dirty deals. When Huckabee came out with his mind-numbingly stupid ‘Well, if it were true, Hillary would have said something during the campaign’ comment… surely the man doesn’t believe what came out of his own mouth.  No one is that dimwitted, not even someone coming out of Arkansas’ governor’s mansion.  It reminds us of William F. Buckley’s remark: “I will not insult your intelligence by suggesting that you believe what you just said.”

Hillary — an Alinskyite like Obama — also is cozy with George Soros and was likely in line for the presidency until Soros et al found a more palatable and less galvanizing candidate to back — a suave, teleprompter articulate, smooth but empty-suited metrosexual politician who was “clean and articulate,” one with a super-sized ego and ambition who could grab more votes than Hillary (i.e. Independents, Blacks, the entitlement crowd and the liberal feel-gooders.)

It worked.  Obama was deliberately dealt a winning hand that included the queen of diamonds — and Hillary folded. But as she pushed away from the table, she was mollified with the promise of campaign debt payoff help and the SecState post, a position with which the canny and wily HRC has since used to clobber Obama re: Libya.

Trump is a huge contributor to the Dems and the Repubs.  I don’t think he has a particular allegiance to either — he’s a business man first and always. And as such, he’ll always do whatever’s best for his business.

He has enough of an ego to enjoy the attention. So there’s that too.  He’s the perfect person to bring this whole Obama mess out in the open, with enough credibility that the “news” organizations can’t ignore him. Fox & Friends; Bill O’Reilly; The View; Laura Ingraham’s radio show; even The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s online newsblog (note: Glenn Beck has studiously mocked those who question the Kenyan’s Constitutional eligibility); and scads of blogs on the Left and the Right.

Remember when he first splashed onto the “conservative” scene?  It was at CPAC.  And everyone was surprised.  I think now we know why.

Our current President came out of nowhere. Came out of nowhere. In fact, I’ll go a step further. The people that went to school with him never saw him; they don’t know who he is. Crazy. With no track record, and I will tell you, he’s got nothing to criticize. You have no record, you can’t be criticized. Wonderful guy, he’s a nice man, but there was no record, nothing to criticize. He didn’t go in wars. He didn’t go in battles. He didn’t beat this one, that one, have enemies all over the place. Nobody knew who the hell he was.

Maybe ‘The Donald’ is the one with the “trump” card that will beat back the Kenyan from running again in ’12?  Again, just a hunch…

By the way, Fox News has a poll asking if you think Trump is smart to raise the BC issue.  73.87% have said YES.

CNN Opinion Research poll done between March 11-13 shows that 51% are unsure if Obama was born in the United States.

No doubt The Donald and this story will continue to grow.  He’ll be on The Factor with the Bloviator tonight for Part II of his interview.

We’ll tackle the topic tonight on my radio show at 9pm immediately following O’Reilly.

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