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Issa to Melson: You got served

This is the first of  those developments. This is huge news. Chairman Issa is serious. Having his deadline request ignored is not something he is willing to take lying down. The serial stonewalling erected by main Justice is about to be torn down.

Not sure how effective Darrell Issa is with this investigation into the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm Gunwalker scandal, an ATF program that allowed straw purchasers to buy guns, intending to trace them to the Mexican cartels. Mike Vanderbeogh, who along with David Codrea broke this story back in December, isn’t assured that the highest levels are taking care of business the RIGHT way. Issa was just on Fox News talking about the investigation, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, head over to Sipsey Street for the latest updates on this “worse than Iran Contra” scandal that — God forbid! — could go all the way to the White House.  Quel douleur!!!

Dutchman6 writes:

Well, we have deadlines coming and going and so far no documents from the cover-up artists in the Gunwalker scandal and no subpoenas or further demands from the House committee chairmen of the GOP (remember Senator Grassley cannot go farther than Patrick Leahy’s Democrat leash will let him). Take Lamar Smith. He doesn’t have Grassley’s limitations and his demand expired on the 18th of March. Has he gotten serious about the administration’s non-compliance? Apparently not. Does he think that writing a nasty letter suffices in this kind of struggle for the truth?

A long-time Washington insider provides this perspective:

I called a retired fed (from the Department of Justice) with whom I’d worked for some 20 years, and asked for insights into how the stonewalling goes, as he’s seen/experienced plenty of it (met personally with Janet Reno one time on a sensitive matter). He said:

“The first thing the agency does is turn over the request/demand to the attorneys. The attorneys tell them what their rights are, and what they do and don’t have to do. The reason nothing has happened yet [with ATF, DOJ and State] is that the request wasn’t properly framed, with the right legal language. When that happens, the attorneys will figure out what they have to comply with, and then comply; but the comply can get very tricky, as to what gets made public, all that. But if the request is made in the correct legal way, the agency will comply because it has to.”

My take: This guy has no reason to shit me. Not being an attorney, I don’t know what language/etc. has to be invoked, and these letters from Congress could be preliminary skirmishing. We’ll see how serious the Congress is; if it’s not, my friend said the agencies will stonewall forever because they can.

I think it is reasonable to ask, no, forget asking, to demand, of Lamar Smith and Darrell Issa just how serious they are in this stand-off. Both have made threatening noises and Issa certainly picked the fight of his life when he challenged Hillary Clinton the other day, but the cover-up artists are not complying.

Believe me, my source is right: “the agencies will stonewall forever because they can.”

It is time to make the other side blink, Mr. “Big Dog” GOP committee chairmen. Hit the bastards with subpoenas. And for pity’s sake get a competent lawyer to craft the demand letters correctly. Only then will people — the guilty and those who are demanding justice — know you are serious.

Anyone noticing a peculiar smell???

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