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Whoo boy!

Stopped by the post office today and waiting there in my box was a book from WND Books. When I slid it from its mailing envelope, the book cover struck me as fairly nondescript — tan in color, it features the presidential seal prominently centered and embossed.  And then I took a closer look…

CATCHING our FLAG is the behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton presidential impeachment, told through the eyes of and detailed notes from the private diaries of former Republican Congressman James E. Rogan of California.

As a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rogan was chosen to help lead the prosecution in the impeachment and U.S. Senate trial of President Bill Clinton. Rogan knew that taking a role in Clinton’s impeachment would cost him reelection, and he was right. (Rogan is now a Superior Court judge in California and  a law professor.)

As Newt Gingrich writes in the book’s foreward, from Rogan’s first day on the House Judiciary Committee, he foresaw this historic event before it unfolded.

“He knew that if the scandal ever led to impeachment proceedings, future accounts would suffer from faulty memories or faulty motives. To combat this threat of factual error, Jim kept copious notes and diaries during every significant meeting relating to impeachment. It was his purpose to record the comments, strategies, arguments, and biases of insiders, as they uttered them. He did this so there would be a complete and accurate chronicle, leaving for historians the best evidence of what really happened behind the scenes in Congress during the unfolding drama. This historically important archive is unmatched in its thoroughness and integrity.”

So, once home, I cracked open the 476-page hardcover (with index) to a random section, and OMG!

Here’s what I found on page 113:

Because of a technical glitch, the committee had to fax the referral to congressional offices instead of delivering printed copies.  My press secretary, Jeff Solsby, agreed to allow ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings and congressional correspondent Linda Douglass to broadcast a live feed from my office showing the delivery of the report to a congressman.  On camera during this live national broadcast, Jeff started handing me batches of pages from the long-anticipated report. With Linda Douglass looking over my shoulder, and Jennings interviewing me through an earpiece, I scanned those first sheets looking for words like “Whitewater.” “Hubbell Hush Money”. “Travelgate,” and “Chinese Missile Technology Transfers.” Instead, the live network cameras caught me hiding my shock as I read to myself phrases like “exposed his genitals,” “oral sex,” “masturbating into a bathroom sink,” “oral-anal contact,” and “the President inserted a cigar into Ms. Lewinsky’s vagina, then put the cigar in this mouth and said, “It tastes good.'”  Suddenly I no longer saw words on the pages: instead, I saw the face of The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot smiling at me over lunch a couple of days ago, when I explained to him the foolishness of his hint that the report would be “All Monica.”

Paul knew.

For 445 pages, it was Monica Lewinsky and every excruciating detail of her sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, as well as Clinton’s Herculean efforts to cover his tracks when the Paula Jones lawyers picked up the perjury and obstruction of justice scent.

If true, what did all of these allegations mean?  It meant the President of the United States perjured himself in the Paula Jones deposition. It meant Clinton suborned perjury from others. It meant Clinton obstructed justice. It meant he committed multiple crimes to protect himself from civil liability in a legitimately filed federal civil rights lawsuit. It meant that he tried to deny a claim of sexual harassment against him with a web of felonious conduct. It meant he violated his Constitutional duty under Article II S 3 to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” It meant Clinton…

Now a few things occurred to me as I’m reading this:

1) Hillary was as much a party to this as Billy Bob was.  Do we really even WANT to consider her running for president?

2) If Clinton lied, then what’s it to Obama?  No big deal, presidential precedent set, lying under oath ain’t nuthin’.

3) Bill Clinton is despicable and dangerous to our republic. He should have been hauled off to prison a long time ago.  Instead, he’s still betraying our country, involved in setting New World Order policies with the globalists he pals with, while he’s hauling in the dough. He’s still “back to work for the American people…”

4) I think you’ll want to pick up a copy of CATCHING our FLAG.  And I KNOW I want to interview Judge Rogan.

Stay tuned…

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