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From Our Country Deserves Better PAC — this brand new TV ad, just released this afternoon:

No longer will we stand by and watch Barack Obama run up our national debt, grow the power of government and put this nation on a slide towards socialism.  Today, we are fighting back – starting with the release of this new TV ad below.

Please, watch it, and then forward this email to all of your friends, and share this TV ad with everyone you can via Facebook, Twitter, Nings, message boards and email lists.

IMPORTANT:  We are on a fundraising drive to raise the money so we can run this ad on TV stations across the nation (focused most heavily on key targeted states).

We’re going to need to raise over $250,000 to fund this ambitious effort, and we need your help to reach our goal.

Please, make the most generous contribution you can to our new ad campaign which highlights Barack Obama’s “Legacy of Failure.”

You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.

Let’s kickstart this fundraising drive by getting 1,000 Americans to contribute $100 or more. Make your contribution online – HERE.
If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Campaign To Defeat Obama
P.O. Box 601684
Sacramento, CA 95860-1684

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