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I spent a couple of hours this afternoon in a darkened movie theater viewing Atlas Shrugged Part I as it hit theaters across the country on its opening day.  It was like watching today’s news.

Tonight we’ll talk about the movie — if you saw it today, I invite you to call into the show to tell us what you thought of it.  646-478-4604

Townhall ran an article in which it discussed the tea party marketing tie-in:

FreedomWorks, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C., marketed the movie heavily, seeing an opportunity to continue spreading the message of free markets and individual liberty. “FreedomWorks is marketing Atlas Shrugged to spread it to the grassroots movement,” a representative tells Townhall. “It is an end-run against the Hollywood establishment the way the tea party was an end-run against establishment Republicans and Democrats during election season. … This movie is going to succeed because it is going to inspire people.”

Join me at 9 pm tonight as we all become John Galt.


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