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A Tampa FL group created a website named WakeUp1776.  On it they published this post about Marco Rubio, Florida’s US Senator. Take a look and see if you agree with their assessment of Rubio.  I’ve heard from several Floridians who either love him or have a deep distrust of him.  In this piece, the folks at WakeUp1776 also take a hard swipe at Karl Rove, a man who is making himself increasingly unpopular with his acerbic comments about Donald Trump.

“We are from Tampa, FL and inform people about interesting issues at the local, state, and national level.
We report the truth no matter how difficult it is to digest. We have no sacred cows.”

There is a lot of media buzz, party establishment kudos, and corporate support for Senator Marco Rubio.  It is obvious that many people have thoughts that Rubio should one day seek a higher office.  This article is written in order to set the record straight about Marco Rubio.  The record shows he is cavalier, is ignorant of the Constitution, and is corrupt.  Below are the top ten reasons why Marco Rubio is bad for the country.

1.       Lack of Understanding or Loyalty to the US Constitution:

  • a.       10th Amendment:  Marco never publically portrays support for the 10th Amendment, which states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”   Marco Rubio was asked several times by the founders of the 10th Amendment Center as well as several constituents to sign the 10th Amendment pledge on the 10thAmendment Center website.  Marco, from all indications, is a Federalist – someone who believes the Federal Government is the master of the states instead of the states being the master of the Federal Government (which is what the Founders intended).  Rubio has not supported or indicated support for the 10th Amendment or any 10th Amendment legislation when in the Florida House.
  • b.      17th Amendment:  When Rubio was questioned locally in Florida about the 17th Amendment and his thoughts on it, he didn’t even know what it was.  He shook his head as if asking the questioner to clarify the meaning the Amendment.  The 17th Amendment is the very Amendment that governs how Rubio would be elected to the office of US Senator.  This is another indicator of his negligence and lack of understanding of the US Constitution.
  • c.       Patriot Act:  Rubio voted to renew the anti-Constitutional Patriot Act.  As a lawyer, he has no excuse to overstep the bounds of the Constitution this way and to virtually abolish the 4th Amendment.

2.       Tea Party & Loyalty:  Took money from Jim Demint’s PAC (The Senate Conservatives Fund) and pretended to be a member of the Tea Party during the election yet refused to join Tea Party Caucus when in Senate.  He is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

3.       Affiliations:  He has affiliations with the big government neocon faction of the Republican party that also includes people like Karl RoveBill Krystol, and the BushesThe main problem and red flag is Karl Rove.  Karl Rove has been wrong on every issue.  He supported Dede Scozzafava in NY23 instead of the conservative candidate.  He was against the Arizona immigration law until he got flak from conservatives then quickly changed his tune.  Karl Rove was the mastermind of the Bush Administration and the inventor of “compassionate conservatism” which is a catchy phrase for socialism.  Rubio, with all his neocon big government affiliations, will probably govern exactly like the people with which he surrounds himself.

4.       Wasteful and Unethical Spending:  During the 2 years Rubio had a GOP credit card, he billed the GOP for more than $100,000 during that time.  Charges included repairs to his personally owned minivan, grocery bills, plane tickets for his wife, wine purchases near his home, and Apple’s online store.  Rubio also charged the party for dozens of meals even though he was in Tallahassee on official business and received government subsidies for those meals already.  Rubio double billed the party for several plane flights from his home to Tallahassee.  When he got caught amid IRS, state, and media investigations, he tried to back track and make it right. Even Rubio’s Chief of Staff spent $60K in 2 months’ time on many things to include handcrafted chairs, $1,600 at a frame shop, and $6,773 for the Rubio family reunion. This just shows what a spineless corrupt person he is.  He only does what’s right when people are looking.

5.       Lack of Financial Management:  Given that our nation is in the worst debt and financial crisis in the history of the world, we would expect our politicians’ to have their own financial houses in order.  That way, when the speak about the nation’s finances, they have some semblance of credibility.  It is not worth mentioning the abysmal credit card and tax accounting discussed above again.  Add to that the fact that Rubio entered into foreclosure on his house.  How can we expect someone who makes $300K and entered foreclosure on his house to have the ability to understand and solve our mortgage crisis?  Not only that, but how can we believe anything he says when he won’t even honor his own financial commitments with the bank?  I understand if a poor person is foreclosing because they don’t have the means, but Rubio entered foreclosure and he did have the means.

6.       Overwhelming Media Support:  The typical characters overwhelmingly support Rubio and his media support has been almost eerie – much like Obama’s.  This alone is a huge red flag.  The person the media ignores, demonizes, or smears is usually the person we want in office.  Also, it shows that Rubio doesn’t ruffle any feathers – we don’t need politicians like this.  We need leaders who can go to Washington and really rock the boat.  A person loved by the media and Washington elite is usually an enemy of our Republic.

7.       Corruption:  Rubio directed $250 million in pork to his home county when he was Speaker of the FL House.  He did this all the while he campaigned on fiscal conservatism and against earmarks. Rubio also sent $21 Million for Florida International University – his former employer.  The FIU president Mitch Maidique said Rubio “was worth every penny.”  He also sent $20 Million to Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2008 that later gave Rubio’s newly formed consulting firm an $8K monthly contract.  Rubio is a big port-barrel “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” politician.  Whose back is he now scratching in the US Senate?  Makes one wonder.

8.       Reckless and Ungrounded Foreign Policy:  Rubio is a neocon when it comes to foreign policy.  He supports the US getting involved in Libya.  He wants Qaddafi thrown out and wants the US to nation build by putting in another regime.  In other words, Rubio wants a puppet dictator that we pay off so he can enslave his own people just like the other African and Middle Eastern dictators have done with US “aid”.  Additionally, Rubio clearly doesn’t understand that when we overthrow dictators without Just Cause under the Just War Theory that the US used to abide by, we encourage radical factions within nations to take over.  For example, the rebels in Libya that Rubio is calling to overthrow Qaddafi are Al Qaeda based and also rooted in Radical Islam.  How can we support Al Qaeda in the middle of a War on Terror when Al Qaeda is the main listed enemy???  Aren’t our troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda?  Rubio is treating our nation’s military just like he treated his GOP credit card when in Florida.  He has no clue and he has no foreign policy morals or understanding.  There are more examples, but Libya is a prime example.

9.       Topics he Won’t Cover:  As you know there are several issues facing our nation.  The main one is the enslavement of the people by the debt-based private organization called the Federal Reserve System.  Its shareholders are other corporate banks and corporations to which it shows significant favoritism in the manner of bailouts and free loans.  The Federal Reserve gives out US dollars to foreign banks at its leisure.  It prints trillions of dollars without congressional oversight.  Rubio won’t take on the Federal Reserve at all.  He never mentions it.  Either he doesn’t understand it or he serves it.  The latter is more likely.  Also, Rubio does not call for abolishing or defunding the United Nations.  Any American politician who votes yes to fund the United Nations is pretty much a traitor to our nation.  Also, Rubio does not acknowledge state sovereignty ever.  As mentioned above, he stays away from the 10th Amendment.  There are so many serious and important issues that Rubio should be discussing and addressing and he doesn’t.  He won’t touch them.  That alone is a reason for us to not allow him to represent us.

10.   Too Polished:  He is too refined.  His speeches are always the same.  He is too prepared.  He is too much of an acting orator.  His speeches say nothing, yet sound conservative.  He is too dodgy when asked questions.  He doesn’t stand for anything concrete.

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