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Last Friday night, Big Fur Hat and the gang at I Own The World dropped by my radio program to lend support to guest Karl Ushanka of Ushanka.us who came prepared for the interview with a three-course outline. No, really! LOL… I’ve not seen a syllabus like that since college.

I assured Ushanka that we were pretty loose on Friday nights, and he should just go with the flow. To his credit he did, especially after things got a little crazy when the IOTW gang dropped in.

Always ready to party, Big Fur Hat came up with an idea!  Let’s have a contest!

So the busy beavers at IOTW came up with some ideas: Chalupa said, “How about we come up with some new Earth Day slogans?”

Hot Cracker wanted the gang to make up names for foods approved by the Progs.

Big Fur Hat thought we should give Russian spy names to USA government officials or other infamous people.

We decided to go with Big Fur’s suggestion, seeing’s how it was Ushanka’s night to rock and roll and it just felt rightski.

Karl Ushanka offered a prize to the winner — a big fur Russian Ushanka hat, compliments of Ushanka’s store at CommieObama.com.

Big Fur Hat set the contest guidelines.  Entries would be accepted until 10 pm ET  Saturday night, giving contestants about 24 hours to come up with their Rrrusski names.

After it was said and done, there were 300 submissions.  You can read them here.  Be warned! Some are definitely Adults Only.

Oh, and did I mention that Big Fur Hat appointed me judge of this whole kit and caboodle?  Yep.

So after the contest closed, I scrolled through the entries.  It was a tough choice because there were scads of clever ones, some that were just downright Michelle Obama-larious, but I managed to narrow it down to the top 15 contendahs.

Now we could have only one winner, so I decided to include three Honorable Mentions.  We’ll start with those. Are you ready? Drrrrrrumroll, please!

The Original I Own The WorldAndrea Shea King Show Russian Spy Contest Honorable Mentions

#3 — “Boris Carlove”  (actor Hugh Grant) submitted by Chalupa

#2 — “Lenin Grad”  (Obama)  submitted by 99th Squad Leader

#1 — Kutzis Nutzof (Jesse Jackson) submitted by Norman Einstein

The envelope please.   It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of the coveted Ushanka Fur hat is….

Nyet Birthski (Obama) by DALE!

Hot Cracker models the Ushanka hat

For all your entertainment needs, head to IOTW. And for your stylish fur haberdashery, it’s CommieObama.com for the best in communist attire.

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