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But Michael, it’s not about the birth certificate. It’s about Obama’s Kenyan-born father who was a British subject, thereby rendering Obama Jr.’s status as a natural born citizen of the United States a non-starter. He simply isn’t, according to our Constitution. The birth certificate can be created to say whatever Obama wants it to say. It still does not confer Natural Born Citizen status on him. He is not eligible to hold the office of president. Case closed. 

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Michael Savage sounds a warning about the Birther Issue, saying Trump’s advisor is a Trojan horse.

Here’s the problem with the Birther issue.  It’s irrelevant where he was born in one sense but quite relevant in another.  It’s relevant because if he wasn’t born here then he’s not qualified to be president.  However, even if it turns out to be true that Barack was not born here, it’s too late to impeach him for that in the sense that it would take two years to get an impeachment or any other hearing going with this congress at which point he’d be out of business anyway. That’s Number One.

But to link all of your criticisms about this Marxist president to this birth issue is a disastrous error for two reasons.  Firstly, because his biggest crimes and misdemeanors are not about where he was born, but about his social policies, most particularly his economic policies, which are classic Das Kapital Marxism.

Secondly, there’s another major problem with this which is that I believe he’s probably going to pull out an authentic birth certificate — or facsimile thereof — just around the time of the debates during the next election when he faces his Republican opponent.  If he does that, it’s the end of the road for the Republicans if they’ve linked themselves to this issue, but even if they haven’t linked themselves to this issue, they’re finished. Why? 

Let’s say the candidate is a middle of the road guy like Romney who has never linked himself to the Birther issue. Obama’s going to show his real birth certificate. And if Romney should, God forbid, accuse him truthfully of being a Marxist socialist on the economic level — which I doubt he would have the guts to do anyway — Obama’s going to pull out the real birth certificate, smirk and say, “You know, Mitt, here’s the problem with your argument.  Your crackpot extremist Republican Party accused me of not even being an American.  And yet here’s my birth certificate.  Now you’re going out of your way as an extremist to say I’m a Marxist when, in fact, I’m a centrist trying to help the most number of people.”  That’s the end of the Republican party as we know it.

And that’s why the Birther controversy is a disastrous issue on which to hang all our criticism of this Marxist President.  Remember who you’re dealing with here.  You’re dealing with a Chicago gangster regime that is printing money based upon nothing. They have the printing presses.  And if they can print money and they can print bonds that have no value whatsoever, why do you assume they couldn’t forge an “original birth certificate” at the end of the road and use this instrument to foist this charlatan upon America again.

That’s my position on the birther issue.

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