White House appoints new czar in clamp down on anti Obama bloggers

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Our gal Ginger at I Own the World has the scoop on the latest Commie Czar coming out of the Marxist’s White House, proving that O’Bumbles the Irishman who hasn’t a clue what the date is doesn’t have to be in town to enact his Marxist dictates.

This Deserves Its Own Post! Jesse Lee Twitter Feed!

She writes:

About that fellow, Jesse Lee, whom Obama has hired to guard his internets………….. he has a twitter account.  And it ain’t looking so good.  The peasants seem a tad…… PISSED!

Go see for a good laugh!


Oh, and a big ol’ hat tip to jc lady!

UPDATE – Wait till our  Free Speech Twitter Warriors find out Jesse’s wife works for MoveOn.org and according to The P.J. Tattler, may be responsible for that disgusting “General Betray Us” ad!

There’s more at I Own the World, where she asks “Does New White House Position “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response” Violate The Hatch Act?”

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