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Freedom Works’ Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe hear you.  They know you don’t want the man the GOP establishment and media are trying to foist on us the way they did in 2008 with John McAmnesty McCain.

Tea Partiers see Romney for what he is — another empty suit who looks “bandbox perfect” but has no substance.  There’s no “there” there. From the Huff ‘n Puff Post… (sorry, I don’t give links to leftist rags)

Kibbe said in an interview that FreedomWorks has no plans at the moment to endorse an opponent of Romney’s in the primary. But others in the organization made clear they will devote considerable resources toward helping whoever emerges as the most viable Republican in the primary other than the putative front runner.

Brendan Steinhauser, who travels around the country meeting with activists as FreedomWorks’ top liaison to the grassroots, said most people he talks to are “definitely trying to stop Romney.”

“I don’t think I’ve met any groups or any local activists that like him or want him to be president,” Steinhauser said. “They just don’t believe he’s authentic. That’s the biggest problem in addition to the health care thing.”

Meanwhile Sarah Palin, working with documentary film maker Stephen Bannon, is about to release a film that addresses and debunks the perception some have about her political pedigree.  That has to have the establishment RINOs wetting themselves.  Love that Sarah!  She’s nobody’s fool.  Someone grab Sinatra and cue the music “MY Way”.

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