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I’ve been saying it for months — Allen West is emerging as a bright North Star in a dark sky.  His compass reads true. I’m not the only one thinking that.  A grassroots website/forum has sprung up —  Allen West Nation  — for the purpose of drafting Allen West for president. The site already boasts more than 3,000 members.

Our mission at Allen West Nation is to:

– Encourage Allen West to run for President of the United States in 2012 and to support his candidacy to whatever office he chooses to pursue.

– Promote nationally the conservative and Constitutional principles that Allen West exemplifies through his words and actions.

– Support legislation and candidates that embody the values, leadership and integrity personified by Allen West.”

– Lend our support to Florida’s Congressional District 22 and support the candidate of Congressman West’s endorsement should Congressman West run for a higher office.

This man should run in 2012.

Can America wait until 2016?

A reader comment follows:

Luv this video clip b/c it was at this event that I spoke w Allen for about 20 minutes & I told him I believed he may well be a future President of USA. He laughed & gave my daughter his speakers badge (notice he’s not wearing it on stage) & signed it for her w good advice to work hard & keep good moral character. She treasures that badge. She would go out w me every night (after homework) at age 8 & walk precincts to get him elected to Congress. When he saw her at the opening of his office here in West Palm he had her come up & help cut the ribbon.

That’s Allen West Nation.com
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