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Texas Gov. Rick Perry chats with members of the Tea Party Express during a rally in Waco, TX, Fall 2008 (Photo by Andrea Shea King)

Rush is talking about Rick Perry today.  Following along on Free Republic’s Live Thread, one Freeper has this to say about Rick Perry:

He has Rick Perry speaking on his shnow. Perry is a RINO. He tried to MANDATE the injection of drugs (Guardasil) in to Texas females via executive order. If you think Obama care is bad how about MAKING peope take a particular drug?Perry has been nowhere to be found on letting the illegals across the border. He has turned a blind eye to sanctuary cities.Perry attempted the biggest land grab in history via the Trans-Texas Corridor theft.He has allowed in-state tuition for illegals. Sickening!

What is amusing is that Rush just quoted Perry dissing Al Gore. The rality is that Perry and Gore are old buddies.

Typical of Perry, he will be trying to unring some of these bells in ANOTHER expensive special session. Perry has had way too many special sessions. He, the Lt. Gov. and the legislature have more than enough time to handle issues in the regular sessions.

Perry has NEVER been challenged duing any of his re-election campaigns after he become Texas Gov. after “W” resigned. Perry has always been the lesser of two evils in every re-election campaign. He was always the douche running against the turd sandwich. So, his running against Obama is a classic Perry situation. But only as long as there are no other strong candidates. IE: If Palin runs Perry won’t because it would be, well, work…..

Don’t be fooled by Perry.

With all that said if it comes down to Perry vs Obama I’m for Perry. Or a can of SPAM or a rock. Anything or anybody but Obama.

38 posted on Fri Jun 10 13:04:35 2011 by isthisnickcool (Sharia? No thanks.)

Giving illegals in-state tuition.

Doesn’t want a border fence because it will hinder commerce with Mexico. (makes no sense)

Thinks the feds should enforce immigration law not Texas LEOs paid by the state.

Signed a law for mandatory inoculations for girls to prevent cervical cancer.

What else?

44 posted on Fri Jun 10 13:07:31 2011 by Clint N. Suhks (Liz Cheney/Sarah Palin 2012)
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