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Found this in my mailbox this morning…

A man worked at Republic Steel for 10 years until its closing in 1983.

The best line he says that he ever heard there was when this young black kid was being reprimanded for the last time.
The black youth said to the shop foreman, “you’re firing me because I’m black!”

The boss said, “No, we hired you because you were black.
We’re firing you because you’re useless!”

I hope that we will remember this in November 2012.


From Glenn Beck.com

But as Glenn pointed out, he was exposed with the facts and the truth about his background. The only error Glenn made on air was referring to Van as a convicted felon when he had only spent time in prison. Glenn was quick at the time and during the show today to note and correct that error. Everything else Glenn said, however, was true.

Van continued in his speech, “Now, I’m tired of this. We stand up for folks and we help people, and we love people. The people y’all run over. The people y’all laugh at and mistreat. We hold them and help them. And we see the effects of your cynicism and your disrespect and your hate mongering. And it’s not just immoral. It’s un American to abuse the airwaves and to abuse the ears of our children with your lies and your filth. We’re tired of it! We are tired of it!”

Van Jones then issued a challenge to Glenn to debate before his FOX show goes off the air on June 30th.

But Glenn didn’t seem to be too interested in debating Van Jones.

“All of us have a choice to make. We all have different opportunities. We all have different skill sets. We all have different situations. And as good, God fearing people, we help each other. Not through the government. Because that always leads to oppression,” Glenn said.

“Justice does not come from man. And it certainly doesn’t come from government. Your solution to the big government oppression is to have more government. That doesn’t really make sense.”

“And someday, someday we’ll all be forced to be honest,” Glenn said to Van Jones. “I’m trying to live my life in an honest way now, Van. You are dropping the radical pose for the radical ends. There’s really not anything to talk about until you’re honest and you say you want the overthrow of the government as you have in the past. The violent overthrow for a Marxist government. When you’re honest, then people can have a debate.”

Then Glenn shifted his attention to Van’s remark and told listeners, “ I’m pointing this out for you. You need to know the masks are about to come off. The world is accelerating in its pace. Be aware.”

Van Jones is still obsessed with Glenn, and the Marxist revolutionary unleashed an apoplectic tirade against those who disagree with his radical agenda. During a recent speech, he not only lost it and started to sound like his old self, but he also issued a desperate plea for attention when he challenged Glenn to a debate. What was Glenn’s response?

“I said that there would come a time when the mask of the left would come off. It is coming off,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Jones and his former organization, STORM, had to go underground when they realized people didn’t want a revolutionary movement to overthrow the United States. “What they learned from that was they could not be honest. Read the report in the closing of STORM. They had to cloak themselves because there weren’t enough people that wanted what they wanted.”

“Van Jones is one of the best chameleons I’ve ever seen. I also have told you from the very beginning, look out. Van Jones is one of the most dangerous people in the administration. This is when he was there. He is perhaps even more dangerous because everyone diminishes his power,” Glenn explained. “He’s gone from a communist revolutionary to a friend of George Soros where all of a sudden he takes off the black turtleneck and puts on a tie and starts to talk peace and Martin Luther King.”

“It’s taken a while, but the mask is starting to come off, and this is when we approach danger,” Glenn said.

The radio crew then played audio of Van’s speech over the weekend ad you could hear the anger and the vitriol start to come out.

“Well, I’m here to tell you after a two year unmitigated smear campaign against me but against you and every value we hold. I have had all I can stand of Fox TV, and I can’t stand no more. So you listen to me,” Van said.

“These are our values. Don’t you mess with our values. Don’t you tell us no more, we don’t love our own country. You don’t know this country. We work in neighborhoods you won’t even go into, fighting for liberty and justice for all,” he continued.

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