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Acknowledgement to Joan S. for dropping this into my mailbox this morning.  It is a comment/response from a member of the Patriot Action Network to a thread of conversation that took place yesterday.  I’m reprinting it in its entirety, as is.  Read it and you’ll understand why.

Three percenters:  Attenhut!

That’s just great! What next!

Comment by Joyce Romano 1 hour ago

Just for your review, I received this from a friend yesterday in response to this article about Huma…he’s really connected the dots!

No surprise here. The Clintons can be bought for a price, a high price. Bill literally SOLD this country to Red China during the 1990’s. They got US missile technology, favored trade status, Clinton even signed a waivor to allow COSCO SHIPPING a Red Chinese owned shipping company to Lease the Long Beach Naval Yard. Had the people of Long Beach not threatened to set on fire any Chinese ship that docked there, Red China would now have a quasi Naval Base in Long Beach California.

The real question here is why would a rich, Internationally Sophisticated Muslim woman like weiners wife, someone what wears $1500 dresses and $2500 purses
…marry a loud mouth obnoxious JEW like Weiner ? That marriage had to be sanctioned by the Muslim Brotherhood for the greater good or….she’d already be dead.

Hillary is about to reach her goal as President of the World Bank. Bill wanted to be Head of the United Nations but Monica messed that up. You might consider Bill and Hillary the worst traitors in American History. Bill was bought by the Red Chinese after his failed attempt to become governor of Arkansas. The Lippo Group a Chinese banking cartel, the Riady Family, Cosco Shipping, all sponsored Bill Clinton and funded his political career from Governor to President.

During his reign there was never a time when Red Chinese Military Officers in Uniform were not “guests” at the Whitehouse. This included one STUNNING Chinese female Officer who was always hanging around….???

Clinton waived the background check when he appointed John Haung to Under Sec. of Commerce, under Ron Brown. The orchestrated the fly for pay scam AKA “Travelgate” where for a fee you could BUY a seat on Airforce 1 and visit Chinese businessmen for sales export and import deals. The more you DONATED you more exposure you got… in reality its called TREASON.

John Houng sat in on over a dozen Top Secret US national Security Meetings. It alarmed the FBI when he visited the Chinese Embassy after each one… a sting was set up but just before it was sprung Haung was WARNED and fled the country. Later it was proven he was a Red Chinese Spy, Ron Brown his superior stated he was not going down by himself. That day he was ordered to Bosnia by Clinton. His plane crashed, the man who controlled the runway lights, committed suicide. The Flight Attendant and only survivor of the crash was picked up 4 hours after the crash….but died in route to base…from a severed femoral artery. She could not have gotten that in the crash as she bled out within minutes after being picked up.

Ron Brown was found with a nearly 1/2″ round hole in his head. The size of a 45 cal bullet. An Air force X ray Technician did an xray of the head and found bullet fragments inside Browns head. She was ORDERED to destroy the x rays but put them on the internet instead, she was removed. Browns body was ORDERED by the WH not to be autopsied and buried immediately….and it was.

There was Bernard Swartz was able to meet with the Red Chinese and sell them US missile Technology and Guidance Systems from Loral Corporation. Before this 75% of China’s missiles blew up on the pad as they launched. With help from Loral and US technology that figure went to 100% success, and made every US city a potential target except the tip of Florida…Clinton made Red China a World Power, and potential successor to the US as world most powerful military.

Clinton also implemented NAFTA which allowed Red China to literally take over America’s manufacturing almost overnight.

It was thought that Hillary, a devote bi-sexual, was having an affair with Huma and they were literally inseparable …day or night, 24-7….and still are. I look for Weiner to kill himself that would put Huma in a perfect position as a martyr to take his place as Congressman. Hillary would make that happen.

What better for the Muslims than to have a “spy” in the bed of a outspoken easily controlled lout, and Jewish Congressman… who didn’t support Israel. In simple terms it was a perfect fit. She was a loyal soldier, she got anything she wanted from Hillary, and is still “employed”…. by Sec. of State Clinton.

When your screwing a US Congressman (who’s a pervert and easily blackmailed) and the Sec. of State who’s a lesbian….you have access to everything, Huma is the perfect spy, in the perfect place, at just the right time….with acess to unlimited CASH for bribing anyone with money or blackmail.

Remember when Bush took office…there was a FBI investigation ongoing on Clinton for High Treason for the above, and a host of suspicious interactions with Red China. Bush’s first act as President was to shut down all ongoing investigations of Bill Clinton…and “start fresh”.

There was no doubt that Clinton told GW if he goes down he would take Bush’s father down with him. Bush saved Clinton.

America could be gone within the next two decades either from illegal immigration and the riots and street warfare that is surly just around the corner from them. Muslims coming in from both US borders and setting up cells based in Dearborn Mich. and Minnesota. They are in position, they have a sympathitic US President, the Sec. of State (and former President) in their pocket, and out military spead out way to thin. Its the perfect time to strike…

You have 1/3 the country America hating, Christian loathing, Liberal Communists bent on helping any group that will aid them in destroying the Capitalist System and those pesky Christians. You have 1/3 who don’t care who wins as they fall in line with whomever holds the power, finally you have 1/3 who fight and stand up for America. The exact same ratio our Founding Fathers had in 1776, one Commander said when he was surrounded by the enemy…”well boys we have them right where we want them now”.

Obama is a pawn, he is not a major player. Hillary is though. The cabinet of the US is now made up of Socialists and Communists for the first time in our history. Hillary was tutored/mentored by the man who formed the ACLU…. a devote Communist and Marxist.

This country is on the verge of a Civil War, the danger to our way of life has never been greater. Not only has our government been taken over by enemies of democracy, but the population has largely been brainwashed into hating each other, and trusting the government while ignoring the US Constitution. Our rule of law is gone, judges are appointed by political agenda, and the President is not eligible to hold office….and no one even cares. We are the Roman Empire, we are facing the same fall as they did, by the same means. Its all lining up in a perfect fit, our enemies are called “friends” by the government, and our people, the patriots are the new enemy of the Obama reign.

The end is not “near’….its here.

The Sheep have turned on the Sheep Dog, and the Wolves are watching, waiting….. and laughing

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