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From World Jewish Congress:

Six ships that were scheduled to take part in the Gaza-bound flotilla have been detained by Greek port authorities, the Israeli news website ‘Ynet’ reported. Senior officials in Jerusalem confirmed the report, which followed a decision by Greece on Sunday to stop the American vessel ‘Audacity of Hope from participating in the convoy. While the organizers claim that more than 1,500 activists are set to take part in this year’s flotilla, it now appears that no more than seven ships, carrying between 200 and 500 passengers, will set sail next week.

The Israel Navy is gearing up to stop a flotilla that plans to run the blockade of the Gaza Strip this week, amid predictions that violence will be minimal after Turkey’s IHH organization – behind the Mavi Marmara last year – withdrew from the initiative. - Source: Jerusalem Post

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that Israel would not allow any ship to breach its naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem believes that the dwindling extent of the sail can be largely attributed to the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic efforts to stop the flotilla. “The Foreign Ministry is leading diplomatic efforts to delegitimize the flotilla in the eyes of the international community,” Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon said. “The world is aware that such sails are unnecessary, that they are just provocations which violate international law.” Ayalon added that Israel was still gearing to meet whichever vessels do end up participating in the flotilla.

Pray for Israel.

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