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Live Event Booked – Back to Vegas
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – June 23, AD 2011 4:27 PM MST

I am going to be speaking at the Center For Strategic Analysis’ annual seminar in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 24th. It is a one day seminar that will have a variety of speakers from the intelligence and military communities (before they went to hell) on various topics having to do with counter-Jihad and the war against islam.

Here’s the LINK!

And yes, since we’re now in Bizarro World, I am going to be the keynote speaker. My speaking block is one hour and forty-five minutes. I have decided that I will use this event to roll-out my magnum opus on the systemic sexual perversion in islamic culture. This is a massive topic, and my rough outline contains no less than NINE discrete sub-topics. I think that delivering this as a speech with an associated PowerPoint slideshow including photographs and video citations will be extremely effective. My speech is entitled, “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil”.

The event is being held at a secure location in Las Vegas which will only be given to attendees AFTER they enroll and pay the tuition. There will also be extensive security on-site. It is open to civilians, bloggers, first responders, military, and law enforcement. There are also usually some muslim “crashers”, or so I’m told, so it is guaranteed to be extra-fun. Bloggers are welcome to bring cameras and recording devices, although some of the speakers reserve the right to not be photographed. Obviously, I would have no problem being photographed.

I think this could be a great “meet-up” and networking opportunity for the blogging community in addition to the insights presented at the conference itself. I also like the venue, as Las Vegas is cheap and easy to get in and out of and has plenty of dirt-cheap lodging, thus being a great choice for those on a shoestring budget. The cost is $100 per person if enrolled before July 4th, $125 before August 1st, and $150 after August 1st. Absolutely no enrollments at the door, of course.

FYI, I am receiving no honorarium or speaking fee and am paying 100% of my own travel and lodging expenses. I will make my PowerPoint presentation, citations and bibliography available for free download to all attendees.

Hope to see you there. Tell a friend!

Want to know why Ann carries a sidearm all the time? Good reason.

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