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Obama’s Final Solution…

“At a time when the American Jewish organizational structure has been hijacked by Jewish leftwing apparatchiks who have decided to distance themselves from Zionism, deus ex machina, two strong counter-forces have emerged to nullify that trend.

1) The pro-Israel vacuum in the American Jewish community is being more than adequately filled by a new tide of Zionist fervor in the non-Jewish community. I believe this is being stimulated by a gut feeling among many Christians – far outnumbering Jews – who sense that Israel and America have a synergistic bond, and that Obama’s rise threatens that spiritual and mutually beneficial relationship.

2) The Jewish state itself is getting stronger and, as a result, more confident and increasingly independent. This is exactly what America’s Jewish Left does not want since it gives Israel the freedom to put daylight between itself and that part of the American Jewish community that works against her interests. And even the Jewish Left understands that on matters Jewish, Israel is destined to become the High Court.

To phrase it as a political principle, the more American Jews alienate themselves from Israel, the less influence they will have here and there. For Israel and its friends, that’s a healthy contradiction, and when it’s finally resolved the Jewish Left will end up talking to themselves.

May Hashem continue to bless America – as He did on July 4th 1776!”

Dan Friedman

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