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Justice for Caylee Anthony?

After hearing eight weeks of testimony and deliberating for little more than a day, a jury in an Orlando courtroom has found Casey Anthony not guilty of aggravated manslaughter or felony murder — in the killing three years ago of her then two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

The verdict was read to a packed courtroom and attentive national audience glued to their TV sets, twitter pages, and radios.  Sentencing for lesser charges of lying to law enforcement officials  could include a total of 5+ years with time already served applied against it.

So it’s “Bella Vida” for Casey Anthony after all.

The verdict was read by clerk Karen Delpilar.  Judge Perry polled the jurors individually.

Jurors are now expected to hold a press conference at the courthouse to answer questions from the media. The jury has announced they will NOT meet with the media, much to the disappointment of all involved.

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